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  1. I'm sorry :( Did you competely cover your face with it twice a day? How long did you use it? I am also taking HRI Clear Complexion pills, washing my face with Cetaphil, and scrubbing my skin daily with a synthetic brush. These may also be having an effect, but I feel as though it's mainly the 101E. In any case, I'm afraid to stop doing any of these things for fear that my acne will return with a vengeance.
  2. Yesss, it's such a small bottle. That's the only thing that sucks about it. But, apply it to your face with your fingers twice a day ALL over. All you need is a thin layer... but I would add more on active pimples and acne-prone areas. There's more in there than you think, but still, not enough :) I'm loooovin these results!! Other than scars, my face looks incredible compared to the past!!!!
  3. That's good to hear. Try spreading it all over your face. I know you've almost half the bottle already, haha, but do it twice a day and it brings great results. Update: Today will be Day 12 using 101E and Day 10 on HRI. I am still enjoying great results. I currently have one active pimple (on my jaw line). I've been drunk the last few nights since I've arrived at school, so I haven't done a great job applying the 101E at night. But, I'm still glad it's just ONE pimple. Gah, about a m
  4. HAHA! Great way to start off. I'm eager to see how good your results are. OK, quick update: This will be Day 10 of using 101E and Day 8 of HRI. I'm starting to think that the HRI does nothing for me because it just seems like the 101E does all the work. I "forgot" to put 101E on last night (and take my pill). I was too drunk... :wall: haha. But, I awoke this morning with no new pimples!!! There is one on my forehead that is slightly painful that is healing, but that has been there
  5. Oh, dream scream, let me know when you get your 101E. Give it about 5 days before you decide whether it's working or not. You will probably see results sooner. Apply it all over your face in the morning and before bed. I hope it works well for you
  6. I use quite a bit as well. The bottle are toooo small. But, I usually apply it with my fingers. I'd hate to leave any on the cotton ball... it'd seem like such a waste, haha. I definitely apply more at night though. When you started the 101e, how many active pimples did you have?? I had between 5 and 7 active pimples Quick update: Today is Day 8 using 101E and Day 6 of using HRI. I missed my HRI pill last night. I forgot to since I just moved back to school and I must've ju
  7. Update: Today is Day 7 on 101E and Day 5 on Clear Complexion. I have approximately one active pimple. There are a few little bumps here and there, but they are no longer painful and sort of in the "scar" stage. My face is riddled with scars here and there from a bad breakout I had weeks ago. Overall, I'm still liking the results... just wish there was something to get rid of my scars quicker. They've been healing sooo slooowly. The 101E appears to be helping somewhat, but not enough I
  8. It's worth a try... especially when it claims to have a 99% success rate in treating acne. You can get it on EBay as cheap as 6 pounds (about $12-$15 with shipping). It's neat. I get little whiteheads in the morning because I guess it stops pimples from get-go. The whiteheads are in areas that I had no idea a pimple was coming. It also does a great job reducing current pimples. I think I only have one active pimple as compared to the 10+ that I used to have (before my dieting) and 5+ after
  9. ProActiv isn't natural. It uses BP which is not natural. 101E is all-natural and leaves no scarring. It has improved my scars greatly. Try it for a week. I hope you'll be as amazed as I am
  10. Listen to me when I tell you this. Try 101E Acne Getaway. Just type in "101E" on EBay and buy a bottle. Apply it to your pimples twice a day. It has worked wonders for me so far and it's not that expensive. It's all-natural as well.
  11. Quick update: I had a pimple this morning. It was in my mustache area... an area I hadn't covered well with the 101E (till now of course). It was small and painful this morning, so I put some extra 101E on it and now, about 12 hours later, it's nearly gone. Wow is all I can say. I also got a similar pimple in my neck area. It was slightly bigger. I haven't really been applying any 101E on my neck, but I will start now. I smeared some on there this morning and its size has reduced signi
  12. Yes, I understand where you were coming from and that is very true. On a good note... I'm still seeing good results with this combination. I've been eating quite unhealthy in the last three days and I haven't seen the outbreaks I expected. I'm hope I don't jinx myself by saying this but... it's only been a few days and the results are promising :)
  13. Glad to hear it headturner!! How long did it take for you to see results? Is it preventing new pimples from forming? I think I'm seeing wonderful results already... I hope they continue :) As a side note, personally, I don't think anyone should claim that any remedy works until (1) they have been on it for at least 1 month preferably 3; and (2) they have cleared their acne. Well, excuuuuse me for being overly enthusiastic, but this post isn't even about diet. I just thought a
  14. I see, I see. The EBay seller I bought the HRI from said that she noticed results within 3-4 days. She continues to take them to this day and say they're quite effective. I hope it works for me. Try 101E as a topical if you care to experiment. There's gotta be something out there (that's relatively simple) for all of us. It doesn't get much easier than one pill and a topical twice a day Lord help me!
  15. I was doing the whole diet thing for a while. Believe me... it works. I was on my diet for about three weeks and my skin improved dramatically. That's until I ate two sandwiches and got 4 new pimples. Bummer. I don't have many pimples now, but my scars take forever to heal. I'll get to the point: I am going back to college soon. I know I can't stay on my diet (no bread, no dairy, no meat... basically fish and salad) so I've dropped it and started using 101E Acne Getaway and HRI Clear Co