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  1. My condition looks like text book back acne though for what my derms have told me and pictures I’ve seen though..... Sent you a private message. Thanks for the response.
  2. I’ve posted here before and have tried various treatments. I’m 33 now and have dealt with this forever ...Maybe im never consistent enough because at times I just lost all hope. I’ve used the regimen in the past once but probably didn’t use it consistently enough and over dosed on glycolic acid applying twice a day at times .. For my current state of acne which to me is the worst ever is it even worth it to try again and put the money done for it ? I’ve been using Panaxol body wash and haven
  3. I purchased the regimen about 3 months ago more or less. I haven't been using it consistently . Some days I do miss and some days only once but for the most part I've followed it when my schedule allows . I'm about to run out and I'm still breaking out at times with cysts on my back that are a bit painful. I'm 32 and have dealt with this issue for a while now. I'm desperately trying to avoid accutane and antibiotics. Should I continue with the regimen and follow it more strictly or just
  4. any advice or pointers on what I should do? Not sure if I should be exfoliating or moisturizing or cleansing or what at the moment. Ended up picking away at my skin last night out of frustration which I'm sure didn't make things any better. Is this severe enough to contemplate antibiotics /accutane? Thanks in advance for any help .
  5. No nothing like that. I was using hair gel for a few days but this was happening before that. I've stopped using the hair gel to see if gets better but it hasn't Thanks for the response
  6. What type of acne in this? I've suffered from acne my whole life on the body but the face hasn't given me too many issues. I'm 30 now and my forehead and progressively gotten worse. Seems like a bunch of tiny bumps that are appearing more frequently. Any suggestions as to what these are?
  7. Thanks for the response. Worried about moisturizing my back just because I have sensitive skin and worried about making the condition on my back even worse.
  8. Ok so I'm recently started to use a benzoyl peroxide wash for my back. It's called panoxyl and it contains benzoyl peroxide at 4.5%....is this a good strength to use ? I've been using it for about a week now and its begun to dry out my skin a bit and also itching has set in. Is that normal and expected ? Is benzoyl peroxide safe for long term use ? Because I've already accepted that at 30 im going to be dealing with acne in some way shape or form for the rest of my life anyway. Also as fa
  9. Ok.... So just to let you know and I'm not saying this to simply make you feel better....but I'm in the same position only difference is I've never known the feeling of being completely clear because I've never been consistent enough with any routine. I always get discouraged and just give up. Mentally this "disease" has almost crippled me in the past and stopped me from doing anything. It sucks. My face was always clear with the exception of a few spots here and there...no cysts...but I've r
  10. I know it's difficult but there's a chance that maybe your body just can't handle your current diet. You might want to try adjusting that a bit before anything else. It seems like you know that the greasy and oily foods are causing your problem...Or at least affecting it negatively. That's about 90 percent of the stress with acne...not knowing the cause as it can vary from person to person. The fast food is obviously hurting you.....
  11. From what I've seen accutane used for....I don't think your situation is severe enough for it. My back is much worse then your current situation and doctors are hesitant to put me on accutane....
  12. Lol thanks. Yea j just assumed that it was the antibiotic simply cause it's a spot I've never had a breakout on other then the occasional pimple or two. The antibiotic was really the only thing out of the norm for me recently......I'm assuming that the awful eating I've been probably didn't help either but I've always been on the fence about diet and acne being related anyway.....
  13. Ironically enough doing nothing actually seems to calm my face quiet a bit from the dryness and Rosacea as well. If only treating all forms of acne were that simple.... Lol...
  14. Not good.. Got a breakout out on my neck which never happens and has me getting extremely anxious and paranoid now. Feel like everyone is staring at me because of it.
  15. I suffer from something similar but I've been diagnosed with Rosacea that Flairs up from time to time. My redness gets irritated quiet a bit from laughter and uncomfortable situations....anxiety...showers....
  16. I was recently on antibiotics for a sinus infection(zpack which is azithromycin for 5 days). . I finished taking it over a week ago. Yesterday I noticed I had a break out on my neck. Now I do have break outs on my body but have rarely if ever had something on my neck other then a stray blemish or two. My diet recently was awful especially the day before it appeared. Could that have been the cause or is this a result of being off the antibiotics? Or is this just a random break out? Should
  17. Thank you for the advice and kind words. Means alot. I've tried a bodywash in the past called panoxyl for a little under a month and it didn't seem to help much. Maybe I wasn't using it effectively. It contained benzoyl peroxide but don't believe it was 10%....I'm worried that would be too harsh for my skin
  18. Would a cotozone shot still be a possibility even though I've irritated and popped the cyst to some degree?
  19. I messed around with a cyst just now and that's why it's so inflamed in that picture. So Pissed of at myself for doing it. Hope it's not infected. Dermatologist says my back isn't severe enough for Accutane but when I look at it...it obviously feels like the worst case of bacne. Just worried that epiduo would make it worse.
  20. Ive posted on this site on a few separate occasions. Today I went in to the dermatologist because I wanted to have a rash on my neck checked out. Turned out that it was excema which Ive always suffered from in one way or another. While there she noticed my redness on my face which has progressively been getting worse. I figured that it was simply the weather change and didn't pay too much attention to it. The redness usually is at its worse when Im hot or out of a shower. In the past it wo
  21. Thanks. I'm going to give it a shot and check it out. one of the scariest things about acne is trying new treatments because of the fear of being made worse....honestly though the recovery time and awful healing period is what bothers me the most...my body has just never recovered well from acne scars and so on.