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  1. Good for dry skin!

    I tried this product last year and i love it!! I just like how it moisturizes my skin while cleansing my face. While many neutrogena facial wash leaves you skin dry after washing, this doesnt! But it would be better for dry skin because it doesnt cleanse as deeply compared to other gentle cleansers. So wouldnt recommend it for oily skin.
  2. Great post! The regime works great for me, but i replace the benzoyl peroxide treatment with sulfur, because it works better for me and is more gentle. I always believe that if you want something, you must desire and want it bad enough. If you are serious about acne, then you are more likely to follow through the good habits that keeps acne away. Anyway, all the best to everyone Cheeers
  3. Good sunscreen!!

    This sunscreen is a relatively good product that i use, doesnt cause breakouts. It doesnt leaves your skin greasy and i would recommend it. Period.
  4. tingkai37

    Dont try it!!!

    Dont try it!!!

    Dont try using toothpaste on your acne!! It doesnt work for me and it worsened my condition. Acne grew redder and breakouts started to appearing like crazy. There isnt any shortcuts in getting an acne free skin. If there is, dont believe it!! I have been there and done that so i know! It takes time but just persists. There is no shortcuts in life, so is removing acne!!
  5. Didnt work so well!

    Vinegar didnt work so well for me..It caused my acne become redder and more breakouts started appearing. I wouldnt recommend it.
  6. Works great for acne prone skin!!

    I've tried it and it works great!! After applying it for more than 3 times, you can see the redness on your skin reduced and the pores are reduced in size. But not forgetting you need a great cleanser and sunscreen as well. Also, drink plenty of water and sleep!! If you are serious in removing acne, you need to follow the acne tips.
  7. The BEST natural treatment you can ever find!!

    I love it!! It works so good for me, it tightens my skin and my pores are visibly reduced after just less than a month of wearing the masks!! Also, it works well on acne and decreases the redness of acne, controlling breakouts at the same time. I would definitely recommend this to everyone!! It just works so good!!
  8. Perfect for mild acne!!

    It works brilliantly on mild acne and even though it takes longer time than otc products to clear acne, but the redness disappears and controls my breakouts. I have also noticed my scars get lighter and i definitely recommend using aloe vera on your skin. IT WORKS!!
  9. Didint work so well for me!!

    When i tried applying fresh lemon juice on my acne, i could feel a stinging feeling and it got better after a while. But the next day, the skin inflammation got worse and breakouts started to increase. It didnt work well on my skin, maybe i have a sensitive skin. I tried egg white and it works best for me!!
  10. AWESOME product!!

    I have always been a fan of phisoderm and it works perfectly well for me, cleanses thoroughly without leaving the skin too dry. It doesnt need much recommendations haha, just try it and you will know!!
  11. Great product!!

    I like this product alot because it cleanses deeply and i like the smell haha!! But sometimes it leaves my skin too dry and secretes extra oil to make up for the imbalance. I would recommend this product so just try it, it might work for you!
  12. Good!

    It smells fantastic and i have been using for a couple of bottles already. But it feels slightly greasy and after using Neutrogena's moisturizer, i would prefer that to this.
  13. PERFECT moisturizer for oily skin!!

    This is the best moisturizer i have ever come across and it is perfect! Just perfect for me!! It doesnt feel greasy at all and doesnt have a shine on my face. Also, my skin absorbs the moisture fast and looks radiant!! I love this product and would definitely recommend it you
  14. Didnt work as well as Neutrogena!

    I have to say im disappointed with cetaphil because im a great fan of their facial cleanser but this sunscreen has let me down.. It is greasy and causes breakouts for me. I wouldnt recommend it to you..
  15. Not too bad but not good!

    I actually prefer the oil-free moisture for combination skin and that works better for me. This moisturizer with the sunscreen feels very greasy and causes breakouts for me. Also the SPF value is just 15, i would recommend getting anything with SPF 30 and above because it protects the skin much better.