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  1. Hey, The daily intake dose I was on was 40 mg. Which was why I was suprised some of you was prescribed much more than that, considering your body weights. And, yeah, my dosage remained the throughtout the treatment.
  2. Hi Caroline, I cannot help you in terms of the UK, but I just got off of Accutane and the treatment was great. As for the price, typically it's pretty expensive, however you're insured so that shouldn't be a huge issue. I wish you the best of luck with everything.
  3. It's not really "natural" in terms of where it comes from in that drink. However, with that being said I drank plenty of protien shakes containing vitamin A while on Accutane, and didn't experience negative side effects. I also took multigrain vitamins containing it while on Accutane. You should be fine.
  4. Yeah, certainly try all of your options first. And that wash was crazy expensive. Everyone's different, so I'm sure some people react differently to Accutane than others. Personally, all I experienced was the severe dryness associated with it. They're pretty strict with getting blood tests every month to make sure everything is funtioning correctly. Anyways Jenni, I wish you the best!
  5. I don't know how Canadian health care works, but I always hear it's better than it's American counterpart. For the most part, acne treatement is covered by most insurance companies. I know when I was in the care of a dermatologist, at least some of the shots were covered. You may not need a dermatologist to administer the shot either, and it's certainly worthh a try.
  6. Don't read into it too much, especially if it's a small blemish. Remember, if you took Accutane it was probably for large cystic acne. I finished my Accutane treatment about two months ago, and I occasionly get a very small blimish that quickly fades. Even though I finished Accutane, I still try to keep my skin clear by using SA, which probably helps.
  7. Hi Hannah, I'm glad to see that you decided to take Accutane. The excessive dryness typically doesn't begin until the second month, which you should be entering in now. Just keep up the good work.
  8. Hey Ming, The same issue plagues me, so I've done a lot of research on it recently. I ended up taking accutane for my acne, but I noticed my face was also really red especially after the pimples were gone. I think that's because we may not notice it as much while our face is freaking swolen with acne. I have concluded that it's probably a combination of hyperpigmentation from the acne, and sun damage (at least for me.) Most treatments of acne leave your skin very vunerable to the sun. We're
  9. Hi Jenni, I would highly recommend you consider accutane, it will clear your acne. The typical course is about 6 months, and it's very effective. I went on it when I was 21 for six months, and I am now 22 with no cystic acne. The doctor I went to was Dr. Lodha from Pura dermatology. He is a very good doctor, and he will listen to your concerns. His office is located at 446 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018 and shouldn't be too far away from you. As for the skin getting worse in the wint
  10. Hi Marie, It sounds like it's cystic acne. Everyone's different, your body might be purging what's left in terms of everything. However, I wouldn't really trust a Gyn for acne advice, it's not what she/he went to med-school for, and thus isn't exactly qualified to treat it. Go see a dermatologist if you don't clear up like you should. They will determine the best course of treatement for you. I just got done with a course of Accutane, and it was very successful in terms of clearing up my ski
  11. He may need to up your dosage, but I just came off of Accutante, and it's been pretty pleasent. I blemish here or there every couple of weeks, but nothing cystic anymore.
  12. Your dermatologist sounds very ignorant. I walked in with mild acne compared to a year before, and my dermatologist presribed me accutane pretty quickly. Now keep in mind, if you want to go that route because you're a female, they will make you jump through hurdles. If she doesn't listen to your concerns next time, and you have another option in terms of your dermatologist near you, I would tell her that she would lose you as a client. I know some people don't have that many dermatologists aroun
  13. So, I took accutane for acne, but the way it works is it should permently reduce the oil your face produces by about 80%. It some cases, it might not do it the first time, however it is effective.
  14. Thanks for sharing your story, I took Accutane at age 21 a few months ago, and it did wonders. I hope more people will not be so scared to try it.
  15. If you're acne is getting better, I don't see a reason to go on Accutane. It doesn't make much sense to be honest, because even with Accutane it takes about 5 months (30 weeks) for the acne to clear up. Now keep in mind, accutane can often clear up the acne for good, with a low chance of remission. If you're trying to get pregnate ASAP, then yeah, without a doubt it isn't for you. On the flip side, if you're not planning on it for the next 6 months, a typical cycle is only 6 months. As I me