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  1. yeah, all i get is comedonal acne and i use sulfur soap with my morning shower and BP at night. it seems to be the best combination for me. i have tried BHA and AHA and they just irritate me and cause never-ending flare ups. YMMV. dozer
  2. i just started using thylox soap two weeks ago. it seems to be working great, but i only have mild, non-inflammatory acne on my chest and shoulders. it is clearing my pores better and faster than AHA or BHA ever did. i use it in the shower in the morning and use Dan's BP before bed. i had some drying at first, but i would use a little moisturizer as needed. now, after two weeks, my skin seems to be getting adjusted and it is not as dry. also, i have not had the dreaded purge that i would get fr
  3. i have mainly non-inflamed acne on my chest, it is very mild now. when i use 10% BP it is all but gone, but as soon as i go back to the 2.5% only, it starts to add up again. it seems the higher percentage does help more with exfoliation. that's good for me because my skin does NOT like BHA. i am thinking about adding some AHA moisturizer, though. just goes to show, everybody is different. i wish i didn't have to use anything, but, it is what it is. best. dozer
  4. please let me know how you are doing with this, i am very interested in adding this to my daily routine. i am trying to clear out the last of my closed comedones. thanks. dozer
  5. i have been wanting to try a sulphur product for my clogged pores. but i keep hearing that it has a tendency to make acne worse in the long run. it comes back with greater severity. is there any truth to this? thanks. dozer
  6. have you ever used NDGA and Oleanic acid topical for closed comedones and what is your opinion? thanks. dozer
  7. it is funny that you suggested that. i actually started that at the same time as the BHA. i am going to go with it another month and then decide if i should change my routine. i have some azelaic acid topical on the way. but i am going to wait on using it until i have given this a good try and plenty of time to work. if anyone has any experience with azelaic let me know. thanks. dozer
  8. by on and off i mean that i have tried it for a few months, tried something else for a while and then decided to try it again. when i am using it i use it once in the morning for several weeks, but the purge never quite seems to end. how many months should i stick it out? this go round i have been using it for a little over a month and i seem to be getting more and more clogged pores. i am trying to be patient, but i wish i knew how long this will get worse before it gets better. dozer
  9. i have been on and off the BHA by Paula's. it seems to cause a never-ending purge for me. i am trying to stick it out this time. i have order some azelaic acid lotion. if this does not meet out good results in another month, i think i will try the azelaic in the morning and BP at night. how long should a purge from BHA last? it has been a month or so now. i told myself i would give it until the end of July. should i be more patient? dozer
  10. i use BHA lotion after my shower in the AM and i use Dan's BP in the PM. i am thinking of adding azelaic acid because my problem is mainly clogged pores, almost no inflammation. that is, unless i pick at something, then it usually flares up. should i replace the BHA with the azelaic acid or just add it to the mix? i have heard it may sting or burn initially, but it is for my chest and shoulders, so maybe that won't be as sensitive as the face. any input is appreciated. thanks. dozer
  11. OK, i started getting body acne at about the same age as you. maybe a little older. i am in my thirties now and just found the answer for me. it is the H&S routine that is talked about quite a bit on this forum. i use Head and Shoulders Classic Clean as a body wash in the shower and i use Dan's BP at night. i am not saying that it will work as well as it did me, mine has gotten better and better as i got older. but, it is worth a try. i know what you are dealing with, i know. let us know if
  12. ok, started using the H&S last Monday and now it is Sunday night, i am completely clear. it is the most amazing thing. i use the H&S as a body wash, leave it on for about 2-3 minutes. i use Dan's BP at night, before bed. that is all. greatest thing ever! don't know exactly why, but it works for me. just wanted to let everyone know. dozer
  13. i can sypathize. i am somewhat OCD. my wife says so. i have a hard time leaving things alone. my acne is very mild, and i still have pick sessions on occasion. i am weak, i know. hopefully, this too, shall pass. best. dozer
  14. No bullshit here, for that to have erupted in such a short time span, it almost has to be a reaction of some sort. acne of that degree does not happen overnight. it looks very much like an allergy. i am 34 and have had body acne in some way or another for 20 years. it is almost gone now, very mild. it does not matter, though, like losing a foot race by just inches. it is still just as frustrating. i digress, just see a specialist, it is almost assuredly a reaction. might be allergic or just some
  15. i am kinda curious about this, as well. i am going broke buying all the different products for my body. not to mention, if i start going on the road, it would be so much easier to use just one product. dozer