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  1. That is all I ever use to shaze with...I never use a blade razor because the small hairs are stiff they tend to irritate my skin.
  2. Cinnamon isn't going to help your drowsiness. The only thing I can recommend is taking a lower dose. If you are experiencing an increased desire to sleep in addition to changes in your cognition (forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating), and are sleeping for long periods of time, stop taking the medication and go to an emergency room.
  3. Are you still on the treatment? What you have sounds like male patterned baldness, not simply hair loss.
  4. The problem is that you are likely going to experience fatigue, as well as muscle and joint soreness while on Accutane. You are at an increased risk of injuring yourself. And if you do, it will take much longer for your body to heal because Accutane decreases the rate of cell proliferation of muscular, skin, and bone tissues, among others. Accutane will also affect thyroid and other hormone functions as well. There are plenty of exercises you can do at home: chin-ups, sit-ups, push-up variation
  5. Some of the older versions are better. I have made edits to that article. If you really want to know everything about Accutane, first, read the package insert. I would also suggest reading the fat soluble vitamin section on vitamin A in Goodman & Gilman's The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, 10th ed.. Then, read some of the thousands of abstracts in the Pubmed database. If you want to know even more, go to lectures at a university and study biochemistry and cellular biology.
  6. How is your health? Are you overweight? Do you exercise and eat healthy foods?
  7. When you first begin the treatment, you will experience an increase in thyroid function because the increased amount of retinoic acid in your body will cause receptor upregulation of the retinoid receptors. This applies to a few other cellular systems that have retinoid receptors...dopaminergic neurons within the CNS, for example. However, over time, the supraphysiological levels of retinoic acid will increase the degradation of the receptors, leading to dysfunction until those receptors are upr
  8. The symptoms of intercranial hypertension are typically: headache, visual disturbances (floaters, increased blindspot, tunneled vision), nausea, and ocassionally a pulsating tinnitus. The pain is usually centered behind the eyes. Cognitive dysfunction and memory disorder are hallmark symptoms. Swelling of the optic disk in the eye is indicative of this disorder. A lumbar puncture is done for verification. If left untreated, intercranial hypertension can lead to encephalopathy and brain herniati
  9. (notices the exclamation mark in the title) Ask the pharmacy to buy it back from you. I doubt there would be a problem if it is unopened.
  10. I don't, and neither do you. However, I am not the one claiming definitively that a statistical correlation between Accutane and drug-induced depression does not exist. I would think it necessary to review all of the available information before reaching such a personal conclusion, especially that of a study done on the subject that is being disputed, a study that included large samples of subjects who where observed over a substantial period of time.
  11. Risk of decreased neuroactivity or acne... hmm, hard decision.
  12. No, I am simply making the point that what was said in the package insert is untruthful. There are some people who know what the incidence of psychiatric ADRs likely is in the general population and subgroups.
  13. I mistakenly thought he was referring to 'purging' the skin while on Accutane, a procedure common to naturopathic and homeopathic remedies.
  14. My acne was severe to the point of being significantly disfiguring. I had around 7 large cysts around 1.5-2cm in diameter on my face in addition to hundreds of tiny and mid-sized nodules, particularly around my nose. The acne on my back and chest was the same. And it remained this way until the year before last when I began to make changes to my diet, physical health, and hygiene regimens. The only reason I took Accutane was because my father constantly complained about my face every single day