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  1. Benzoyl peroxide has effectively lessen my acne but it's so hard to find it in a formulation that that works without irritating my skin. I actually have not tried 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, but once I can I am planning on trying out Dan's benzoyl peroxide because it seems to be well formulated. Benzoyl peroxide actually works to get rid of acne because it introduces oxygen into the pore to kill bacteria like the acne causing p.acnes strain. Without actual antibacterial ingredients in your sk
  2. Great lightweight moisturizer with beneficial ingredients

    I like using this when I need extra hydration. My skin is oily and very finicky when it comes to moisturizers. What I like about this one is that it doesn't break me out, and absorbs quickly into the skin. It is silicone based so if you are sensitive to silicones I wouldn't recommend it to you. Although if you're sensitive to fatty alcohols this is a good option because it's formulated without them. It contains a good amount of antioxidants and anti irritants which is nice. I also use it as
  3. Good option for dry skin only

    I have oily skin and decided to use this despite it being marketed towArds people with dry skin. There's a reason why it's meant for dry skin, and that's because it is rich in emollient alcohols which make it intensely hydrating. My skin was so soft and supple while using it, but I soon started experiencing under the skin breakouts (closed comedones) correlated to my usage of this product and Cerave AM. So despite my skin feel bouncy and hydrated, the texture was bumpy and not smooth. I would n
  4. Stopped using Cerave Am & Pm, and P.C. 5% BP treatment and my skin is clearing up again!

  5. I've been reluctant to write this post. I know after I complete this post I'm going to be hard on myself and the things I'm doing in life. I'm tired of being lazy, stagnant, non moving, I hate getting stressed over it because then I breakout and then I become preoccupied with my skin. I've been more than preoccupied with my skin, it has consumed my entire life, my entire life revolves around hoping that I will see improvement in my skin. It should be looking better by now, I'm on spiro, I'm
  6. Please do not use this topically!

    I've been recommended by my mother and even a dermatologist to use raw lemon or lemon juice directly on my face which I've learned from studying the science behind skincare, dermatology journals, and cosmetic chemistry is actually a terrible thing to do to your skin. It may seem like it may be a good idea because it's cheap, natural, and contains vitamin c. Vitamin c is known to help with hyper pigmentation and similar issues but applying vitamin c topically in the form of lemon juice or other
  7. I like his idea as well! Maybe they'll come out with a tsa approved size that you can use since you don't use it very often.
  8. I create a barrier around my eye area with petroleum jelly to avoid getting benzoyl peroxide or other eye irritating products in that area.
  9. You wash it off in what is called "short contact therapy", this is where you introduce the active (in this case Benzoyl peroxide) to your skin for a short period of time. That's essentially what you're doing, and for some people with very sensitive skin this is the only way they can tolerate using benzoyl peroxide to treat their acne. You can get the best results from leaving it on, but not if leaving it on causes you irritation which may lead to irritation breakouts. My skin is sensitive
  10. Paulas choice benzoyl peroxide contains allatonin and bisabol which are anti irritant ingredients meant to help soothe your skin and prevent some of the irritation you experience from benzoyl peroxide. They both are at the lowest percentage possible to still be effective and cause minimal irritation, and they are both vegan/cruelty free and our housed in base formulas that should not be problematic for skin. I have not used dan's BP, but paulas choice promotes hers just on the fact it con
  11. Best drugstore option for me

    I have used this for awhile and it's the sunscreen I use when I run out of my favorite sunscreens because this one is easy to get at an drugstore and is affordable. This has a nice consistency, but if you had oily skin/live in a humid climate it will turn your face oily quick during the day. I can't use this in the summertime because my skin gets way too oily and also it doesn't provide adequate UVA protection. This sunscreen for me is truly a last resort. My skin is sensitive, and I experien
  12. Great for Oily/Sensitive/Acne-Prone Skin

    this isn't quite my "holy grail" cleanser but it comes pretty close. I love this cleanser and have been using it for a while. It's one of the few drugstore cleansers that are actually well formulated and is at the same p.h. As skin. This produces a gentle lather that works to get off all my sunscreen and the dirt off my face. You only need the smallest amount, and the bottle is big and cheap for the price so It is definitely worth it. The only negative part about this product is that it can b
  13. Cleansing your skin with oil can actually be extremely beneficial! The problem is the widely popularized OCM is the wrong way to go about cleansing with oil. First and foremost if you're cleansing with just oil it's going to be extremely hard to completely remove. You won't be able to completely remove it by steaming your face, which isn't something you should be doing anyways (exposing your skin to extremely hot temperatures), second some people claim that "oh, I leave the leftover on my face b