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    photography, beauty, music, fashion, & being aesthetically pleasing!
  1. aesthetics

    update...5 years later

    hi everyone. i first want to apologize for having never kept up with this, i think i just forgot about it once things got rolling... then continued to forget until now. the only reason i remembered was because i read that my email was taken from this website when it had the data breach a few years back... anyway. i will update you all as to how things went and are now. i started accutane at 14 and ended right around my 15th birthday. i took it during winter (DO NOT RECOMMEND) and my en
  2. aesthetics

    Pre-Accutane & More

    hello!! this is my blog about my journey through accutane!! right now, i have yet to start. i just saw my derm yesterday for my one month follow up from my first pregnancy test & then got my blood drawn. i was called today with lab results and that i needed to do my questions on ipledge. ends up my cholesterol was high? i don't know but my derm wasn't concerned about it so i can still get my pills, thank the lord. i am picking up my first months package tomorrow! a little more on me