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  1. I tried the others i just want to know did OXY stopped making their 10% BP? Once in a while i prefer not to use bp and just clean my face with cleansers.. for example this month i never even used it. I think bp works for me but a little too slow and im not too sensitive to it. I think it will be alright to go up a level... So back to the question is OXY 10% still available? Even if there is no good 10% bp i just need some good brands recommendation people have used...
  2. yeah thats exactly what i was thinking im just applying a little layer over the problem areas... anyway i can't seem to find OXY 10% BP in most places i check... does anyone know if they stopped making it or what? Most of the stores i checked out doesn't have it, only the 5% now. I dont even see the 2.5% BP as well... what the hell happen to them lol If i have time ill probably check Shooper Drug Mart usually they have lots of things in stock is just that i rarely go there too darn expensive..
  3. ah thx for the replies... i located in canada, ontario, im maybe going out today looking for these recommendations.
  4. Is there any that are good? What about the OXY or the Persa-Gel one? Difference? I know 10% is harsh but i would like to try it since i have tried 2.5, and 5% bp before. I would try to use tiny bits not much....
  5. yeah the blemishes on the sides of my faces are not really noticeable it doesn't seem i have acne but if you go closely their red blemishes and when i feel it its unsmooth. im really concerned about this it never goes away and this is my worst problem.
  6. I get these red marks too on both sides of my face especially after taking a shower they show up really red. But after a while the red starts to fade a bit and blend in more with my skin. But if rub my hands on my cheeks their not smooth at all... even though they kind of look smooth and they don't seem like acne if they are they really small and bumpy.... That's the only thing im concerned with these red bumpy blemishes on my sides i have them for so long. Sometimes im on and off the regimen i
  7. Im using 5% BP from OXY and i dont get much stinging from it. Im serious though i put it on just like a cream and dont feel much of it. is it working lol is 5% . But i remember the first time using Neutrogena expensive tube 2.5% BP i had little stinging occur but then a while not really. I apply it mostly to the cheeks hoping one day those red bumpy texture will go away but im not even sure if its acne. When i use my fingers and run through its not smooth maybe because of the facial hair that
  8. yeah i get this too especially using OXY 5% BP i dont know why but it much more worse using this than neutrogena.
  9. ah same here some hair goes curly when long especially the front part i hate it!!
  10. i saw complex 15 in a tube and it cost a much less than neutrogena and a little less than cetaphil. I forgot the name of the person but he used this product too however i asked him if the 15 in Complex is SPF he wasn't too sure and said it didnt quite say. I guess is not huh?
  11. yeah i get that too... the ones that arent forming pimples i guess their inactive now and they appear somewhat dark red but not sore. Yeah and agree what you said about the inactive looking bad i just still dab bp on it anyway i guess it takes time to fade away??
  12. ok i guess not many people do it this way because of the no replies? :( No im not completely clear, i wish lol but i would like to try this method for now and it seems to be better for me.
  13. Ok before i used Neutrogena 2.5% BP, but now i switched over to OXY 5%BP because of the price and i think OXY has a bit more. Anyway the question is since im upping my bp dosage to 5% i dont apply that much like i used to with the 2.5%. But using the 5% is just like my first time applying bp and i tend to not use that much. However it still begins flaking a lot just like the first time when i was getting used to bp. So i was wondering after waiting like 15-30 min or longer when applying t
  14. what about the persa-gel 5% bp dan? Isnt that a gel which she can use? I just recently got the OXY 5% BP instead of that because i dont hear much of it. Although maybe next time ill try and purchase it since it more and a little cheaper.
  15. ok i guess it wasnt you then stating that. so anyone with more opinions about the persagel? I bought the OXY 5% BP and it is a little strange and different from the Neutrogena on the spot. IMO it felt a little more watery and takes longer to absorb in even though i got the vanishing formula.... It also sometimes leaves some white residue on my face whereas the neutrogena one is not. Well i probaly need to adjust to the new OXY bp% and hopefully it will work as well.