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  1. mmm the oldr woman ;) from australia

    sex in a glass elevator? ys/no

  2. Hallo..im still around, im just lazy when it comes to Pm's. but im lovin' your pics. :)

  3. myspace but i keep getting hottttt grils in new caslte?????????? geez is like 145 away they arent all ugly but NE girls r not like southrn (va) girls at all!!!!!
  4. hy mn hw u don?

  5. guys i got her IP did and ISP search n got the info its just as u suspcetd she is ...........................
  6. late merry christmas...early happy new year!!

  7. Wish you a DELICIOUS Christmas & a DELICIOUS New Year!

  8. by flirt do u mean sexify? if so, ask about x, r they into it/ up 4 it, 1st time user (gd thng!) then obvi secure som x, ta da clothesless in 20 min ez
  9. r u mor of a jerk w.o acne? i am 100x so prob y i hated acne so bad dosnt allow my tru inner jerkishness out neway id lik 2 thx myself 4 supa pimp regime i can only imagine levels of jerkosity ill acheive after the 'triple 3 surgeries'
  10. hm intrsting 25K eh? bc i take 400K a day id worry, but i kno the liver is self regenrative so im ok w it
  11. it helps mask redness 4 sho bt if ur on meds lik me my fac gets pink nvr tan my body gets tan looks gay so mayb som face lotion idk, also tan+doryx exercbates the issue