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  1. Great as a cleanser for dry or sensitive skin! (also makeup brushes!)

    I used this product for years, and I have to say that if you have dry or sensitive skin, this is fantastic for you. I still use this to date for my makeup brushes, and whenever my skin is dry or needs a little extra care (ex. in the winter, when I have a sunburn, etc.) I would still be using this, however, I needed to change it up to be able to have a better handle on fighting my acne. I never experienced breakouts with this product, or any other complications. I would use makeup remover before
  2. Average

    I picked this up one day without every hearing of the brand before. I was excited to use it, because it was my first moisturizer that wasn't loaded with fragrance and chemicals, and I had high hopes for how it would work on my skin. I will agree with a previous reviewer, if you're medicated (with anything, really, in my experience) this may not be the best option for you. It did burn my face like crazy once I started using topical treatments prescribed to me or any OTC spot treatments, etc. Ho
  3. leelowe1 makes a very good point. I'm unaware of if you struggle with acne or not, but if you do, it can make it get irritated and worsen. I know that it's a huge thing (and can also cause more acne) to have your face clean at all times for most people, and it's perfectly rational to want to wash it as needed. You could definitely try splashing with just water. If you're on the go, or prefer to do something more along the lines of using a wipe, there are these pretty inexpensive wipes that I w
  4. I definitely think that you should wash your face and either apply it to where the sunburn isn't, or not at all. If you have absolutely any concerns about it reaching those areas (ex. tossing and turning while you sleep and it rubbing around) then I would not use it at all. I think that the only circumstance that you should use it is if it's something that you know absolutely helps you and that you're gonna dramatically change if you don't use it for a few nights. Make SURE that you keep your
  5. Nothing worked like this for me

    This worked wonders for my skin for the longest amount of time. The reviews are /really/ mixed on here, but I was able to clear most of my skin with it. After being on it for 6 months, I was taken off of it because my dermatologist thought it was concerning that I was on it for that long. As soon as I stopped taking it, my skin was uncontrollable. I did have an increased dose. I don't have them anymore, so I don't remember it, but I went as high up as they would give me lol.
  6. Overall worth a try!

    I have never had a bad experience with this product. I have very dry, sensitive skin and I bought this because of my increase in hormonal acne. I get pretty bad cystic acne that lasts for a long time. This product doesn't provide a whole lot of moisture, but it's enough for my skin to the point where I don't feel like I need to apply any more. I used to dilute it because the formula was really harsh on my skin, but for some reason it works fine now. I would apply generous amounts (like a little
  7. Definitely worth trying!

    This is totally worth the purchase. It's inexpensive and was recommended to me by a dermatologist for my dry, oily, acne-prone skin. I have had no issues with it thus far, and I actually kinda like that it's in a bar form, because I haven't actually used a facial cleanser like that before. It's actually just as convenient for travel as the bottles when you put it in a cheap travel soap container, and I don't have to worry about it spilling all over my stuff. I bought a three pack, and I think it
  8. Read reviews!

    I see that this product has more positive reviews than negative ones - so I feel like it's important that I share more detail about my experience so that people can choose whether they think it'll work for them or not. I have struggled with acne for a long time (haven't had clear skin in years, it's hormonal and cystic) and I have very dry, oily skin. Honestly, this was horrible for me. One of the biggest turn-offs about this product was the fragrance in it. It smells good, sure, but it was equa
  9. I'm pretty much having a breakdown here. My skin has never, ever been this bad in my entire life. Let me tell you a bit about my skincare routine and how my skin is. My skin is very sensitive and very dry. I have had acne for the past 6 years now and it's been absolutely horrible, because no one (and I literally mean no one) else in my school had it, and remarks such as "just get proactive" would be made, and whenever a girl complained about having the occasional pimple, it made me feel horr