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  1. I started BCP over 1 month ago.....i dont know if its my imagination but ive been so depressed for no reason...i think its from the bp as i have heard bp can cause depression. But i dnt wana get off it ...its done wonders for me already
  2. I just brought some dove cleansing towlets that cleanse+tone+mosturise............but they contain miniral oil......would that clog pores?
  3. do you mean...extraction done by a derma? or using an extractor your self?
  4. I have closed comedoe around my mouth and chin but on my forehead they are like opened pores that are blocked. I have read the pinned topic but im looking for some thing cheaper that doesnt involve buying online. I know the beach is like a cure for my whiteheads i am 100% clear after a few trips to the beach but the weather is cold now:(.
  5. Does anyone know the best way of getting rid of whiteheads without having to spending heaps of $$$ or buying online and also does anyone know the possible causes of whiteheads?
  6. iv been taking b5 for 3 days and all my stuborn pimples/white heads have came to the surface....is that from b5?????????
  7. UPDATE: i have stoped using BP for a week no more cysts but now have heaps of whiteheads and really oily skin.So i kinda figured BP gets rid of the oil from my skin but also causes irritation... any advice??? ah i hate summer! i get oily skin/break outs.
  8. I used the proactiv reparing lotion and same thing happened to me!
  9. Ive been using Minocycline for 2 weeks....i see no improvement...how long does it take to show results?
  10. OMG. Those pictures are horrible!!! I think if I saw something like that coming out of me I would faint. Are they sure those aren't segments of their colons they're passing? Haha...eww. I would try that, but it looks dangerous to be passing something so awful and so large! Let us know how you're doing!