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  1. There are instances when people take additional courses of Accutane even though they don't necessarily "need" it, I plan on taking it again later down the road for my oily skin, even though I am 90% clear @ this point.
  2. I just use the Purpose Gentle Cleanser before applying Benzaclin, works fine for me...
  3. Hi, I am current on week 4 of a topical Benzaclin regimen, it is really helping me clear. I understand there is an antibiotic in the active ingredients, since the nature of antibiotics are a short term solution, does this mean I will only be able to use the cream short term as well? What is the average use?
  4. Do you have to wash it off after applying it? I just put a little bit on morning and night, strange thing is it never burns for me, feels really good actually.
  5. I took Accutane for a month and a half, it worked wonderful for my oily skin, I couldn't believe I actually was able to take a shower, blot my face dry, and not have to worry about my face becoming an oil slick through the day. I had to stop taking the medication due to financial situations, abotu a month after I took my last pill the oil returned unfortunately. From what I understand, the oil will return after the treatment concludes no matter what.
  6. ^ oh god I know, I had to prematurely end my accutane course, and the oil came back and it sucks so bad.
  7. I already do that.....I know my body, with Accutane, my face was dry, no more acne, when I quit the medication, my face is oily again, I get acne. Any other advice?
  8. Is there ANYTHING i can use to dry my face up, I took Accutane for a few months, that did the trick, but I had to stop taking it because of financial issues. Is there any hope for oily skin? I heard B-5 helps?
  9. ^ I would agree with you there, I did have more irrational thoughts when I was on it though, I just felt really yucky, now that I had to quit my course due to insurance issues, my oil is back, and that is depressing.
  10. Good luck with it, just be on the lookout for blurry vision, bad headaches, and excessive moodiness, thoughts of killing yourself.
  11. IMO, Oil can be just as much of a pain in the ass as acne is, yeah the side effects of Accutane suck, but my skin was fairly dry while I was on it, all I had to do in the morning was take a shower, used no chemicals on my face, it was so cool.
  12. I had to stop taking Accutane after a few months due to financial issues. The oil is slowly coming back, and is depressing the hell out of me. Well, it was nice not having to deal with oily skin even if it was only for a little while.
  13. Yes, this is the reason why I continue to break out, too much oil on my forehead and cheeks.
  14. It's true in my case, I notice that when I play a game and am concentrating on it, I sweat, the oil comes though, and I end up breaking out. ......
  15. ^ same here, a guy where I work has very serious acne, and I try to make him understand that I know how he feels, and would NEVER call him on something like that.