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  1. I am going to try this over the weekend. My face has been getting worse and worse since then end of May...so roughly 3 mths. I have a appt. with a derm on Monday (cannot wait)...will let you guys know how that goes....
  2. For how long have you been using it. It took me 3 months to see improvement in my skin. I think that it has been a month. I am just scared to death that it won't clear up. My hyperpigmentation is HORRIBLE....(I am Black)....so every bump has the potential to leave a nasty black mark on my face. I am just not so sure this is worth it. I wasn't even going to use it until I used BP and it clogged my skin to no end. *SIGH*.
  3. My skin is not peeling. The acne is getting worse, and it is "sitting" on my face not really doing anything. HELP!
  4. A IUD....sounds like something I may have to look into. I am in a "waiting phase" right now due to just starting my job. So I think I have about...6 mths to spare at least. So if I started on Accutane in Oct...that would be May to begin trying for a baby. That is of course if the derm went along with my master plan. LOL.... Thanks for the suggestions everyone!
  5. Abstience? For two months..even three months I think I could do that for clear skin. But I am not even gonna lie here....6 months with denying my husband sex? Na'll....that is just not going to cut it. Plus isn't there some sort of step down procedure? I mean I couldn't finish Accutance one month....then the next month start trying to get pregnant? And being 30 going on 31 with epilepsy....it is just not feasible to keep putting my baby planning on hold much longer.....I really want to start rig
  6. That is what happened to me. I think the BP aided, and severly clogged my pores. I was under the impression from the Green Cream thread that Reint-A worked in the same manner?
  7. Before my horribe breakout I would get about four or five nice sized bumps the week before my period. I would look at my skin like WTF..then lo and behold...period. Then the week of my period I would get a maybe one or two more. The thing is I would like to get pregnant. I would like to start within the next 6 mths...but I am leery of Accutane because we would have to use two forms of birth control. Condoms wouldn't be a issue..but because I have eplilepsy, birth control pills get canceled ou
  8. Okay...so around my hubby's bday I began to have this huge breakout. I mean....it was horrible, both sides of my face, along my jawline, places I hadn't broken out since I was 14( I am 30). Hell, places I have never broken out before. Before this I used to get my monthly breakouts around my period. Maybe a few large papules that would go away in about a week or so. That is it. Well a week or two before my hubby's bday I decided...."I want to do something about my acne...I want clear skin. No m
  9. What is Green Cream and where do I get it? BP is clogging my pores very very badly.
  10. Great...so lay off the BP as much....I definelty did not have those little bumps...and large cluster of blackheads before. What is Green Cream?
  11. Anything in particular to exfoliate with? I have bought so many products within the last few months I am at my wits end. I just read in the other thread that BP could have caused my pores to become blocked. Has this happened to anyone?
  12. What? So now BP is breaking me out too? Cuz nope...I didn't have these little bumps like this on the side of my face. I have some rather large ones also all along my jawline. So stop using BP and do what? Ugh..this is so maddening.
  13. So then do they just go away on there own? I am a bit confused.....it is like the left side of my face has exploded.