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  1. Jekyll and Hyde.

    1. I work nights and go to bed in the early mornings therefore, I have no other choice. I can only combat it with melatonin, dark curtains and and a sleep mask. What more can be done?
    2. You're the only one that say hi to me. Hi!

      1. I went to Norway twice! It's a very beautiful, clean and cold place.

        1. I was looking into this coconut milk because it has no sugar but, I don't think it's suitable on an anti-candida diet because it contains carrageenan and guar gum.
        2. You can avoid the toxins, tars and other crap by using a clean vaporizer or cooking it. Perhaps, some growers use pesticides or chemicals that I am not sure how you can avoid other than *moderator edit*. Marijuana can depress the immune system, which is never good. Check this out: "Marijuana smoking also reduced the ability of alveolar macrophages to kill fungi, such as Candida albicans;* pathogenic bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus; and tumor target cells." Marijuana Candida link
        3. I've been on an anti-candida diet for a few weeks and taking the colostrum for a little over a week and get tiny whiteheads all the time now. That's unusual for me. And one big fucker beneath the surface that upsets me. How long do initial breakouts last for most people on colostrum?
        4. Why do anti-candida diets allow butter but, not cheese if cheese has less lactose than butter? I'm looking to get a good source of calcium without supplementing and may go with one or the other.
        5. You no longer recommend raw dairy products like butter or milk?
        6. I have outstanding insurance so, I only had to pay the copays. I had this done in early November but, happened to be looking at the bill two days ago. I went back a week after the initial test to get tested again for a few more things. The cost of the first visit was $687 and the second was $171.
        7. Can you tell me more about spirulina? I am allergic to soy and can not eat edamame.
        8. For me, it was the skin tests. I would like to do a blood test, if possible.
        9. Is protein powder not an option while on an anti-candida diet? I'm currently using a plant based protein with 7g carbs and 1g sugar and wondering if I should drop it.
        10. I highly recommend you do this. I had one done but, it was mostly for weeds, grasses, trees. I found out I was allergic to corn, soy, rice, peanuts and egg whites. Obviously, I avoided the first four foods and any food that contained those ingredients during anti-candida diets and any other time but, eggs were a staple of my diet. Eliminating them was devastating. During the holidays I ate deserts that contained soy and egg and suffered bad breakouts. SO DO IT and then avoid what you're allergic
        11. Caroline, I hope you're well. Do you still go out for late night drives?

          1. I remember Caroline suggested this too but, I thought water consumption improved digestion? If you're not going to drink water for 2 hours after you eat how do you take supplements that are recommended after a meal?
          2. During an allergy test I tested negative for candida albicans but, is that a clear indication of whether you have candida overgrowth? It was one of those tests where they prick your skin.
          3. You should definitely get tested somehow. I recently decided to finally have an allergy test and I was floored by what they told me. I reacted to eggs, peanuts, corn, rice and soy among ALL plants, trees and grasses where I live. Cats, dogs, dust, mold, feathers..It goes on and on. Even if you're eating healthy you could still be causing breakouts if you have a food intolerance. What I would like to know is if being allergic to cats and dogs (which I have) could cause breakouts and not just it
          4. I would substitute white rice with brown rice.
          5. What kind of water are you chugging?
          6. What is your 5 day workout routine?
          7. Most people must have crappy diets then. The two main ways to get Vitamin D (which is actually a hormone) are from the sun and dairy. If you don't get enough of either of those then you should supplement. Almost everyone I know that has received a blood check of their Vitamin D level has been below where they want to be (even if they are supplementing). For me, Vitamin D and Magensium are staples in my supplement regimen. I do not take Calcium. I don't eat dairy and I'm a night shift w
          8. I haven't had dairy for years, very limited wheat and gluten and excessive sugar. I exercise regularly and only smoke or drink a couple times a month. Never beer. Despite that, I get a mild breakout consistently each week and it frustrates the shit out of me. What else can one do?