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    i love running, athletics, swimming, anything sporty and outsoors... i love SUMMER and the beach<br />my fav past time is definatly shopping which could partly explain why i never have any money... HmMMmmM might think abou that one...<br />im in year 12 doing TEE studying hard, but still working casual on the side.. i need it to fund my shopping obession LOL
  1. There is no need to get nasty. Do your research before spatting out. Bactrim is a BACTERIOSTATIC drug, meaning it hampers the growth of bacteria by interfering with bacterial protein production, DNA replication, and cellular metabolism. Bacteriostatic drugs do not kill bacteria. They inhibit growth and reproduction without killing them. A BACTERICIDAL drug kills bacteria. This is a different type of antibiotic. Penicillin, for example. As for the "6-8 week bullshit", well again, do your
  2. okay well its over a year down the track now, and my skins pretty much spotless thank the lord! but please, stick with the medication, i didnt see results for about 4 monthes, but from then it was GREAT.. stick with it. it is worth it. i remember crying so much and spending so much time applying makeup wheni hjad acne. it is absolutly horrible and i cant stand wen people take their clear skin for granted. all the best.. xoxo
  3. i use almay make up like foundation, mascara and blush all the time and i love it but i was wondering has anyone tried their skin cleasing/ skin perfecting moisturizer ranges? i saw them at the shop today and thought i mite like to try them? anyone used them? xxoo
  4. mmmmmmmmmmmm pasta!! yummm simple carb right?
  5. hey i live in perth i think i saw that report too i say try it... even if it doesnt clear ur acne it cant hurt to eat better oooohhhh and sushi??? please tell me sushi doesnt make acne worse im a sushi addict??? anyone else had problems with this??
  6. yeah i eat rice everyday does it really break you out??
  7. XoxkATzxoX


    yeah this is just some random pics of stuff!! :P
  8. yeah same, i break out terribly from covergirl xx goodluck
  9. i have very mild acne and red marks too all i wear day-to-day is covergirl smoothers tinted moisturizer and covergirl trublend pressed powder. it is quite sheer and natural looking but does good in covering up the redness and most scarring xx
  10. it does to me. Nothing breaks me out more then a bad diet. yeah same. the condition of my skin fluctuates heaps and it definatly has something to do with diet...
  11. right now i love covergirl smoothers SPF 15 tinted moisturizer.. its non-comedogenic, oil free and fragrence free...i dont wear foundation everyday anymore, i just use this stuff instead.. i only wear foundation on speshal occasions xx
  12. yeah thanks that is the line i have.... i looked at the website but that has nothing about the ingrediants.... has anyone used this product and can tell me if it works?? i always worry about using things that i dont know about thank you :)