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  1. Although I don't have body dysmorphic disorder, I related to ur other points. I have had mild acne for about a year and a half, mainly around my mouth and chin, with odd spots on my forehead which is very oily (other areas of skim aren't that oily). I just started on Sunday my low dose accutane, I have been prescribed 40mg per day. However dermatology told me that according to my weight I should be on 60mg. Like yourself my dermatology didn't force accutane on me since my acne is considered mild
  2. love this

    Very creamy but light & not heavy or overpowering on the skin. Feels light & airy & soothes the skin. It does not irritate the skin at all & has a lovely smell. I always resort to this product although it is not acne specific, but I feel natural cleansers are less harsh on the skin than some acne specific products. Definitely recommend & have repurchased many times, a little pricey but a little goes a VERY long way. A bottle has lasted me about 9 months .
  3. nicolef1990

    love it

    love it

    I am a firm believer of using products as natural & light as possible. I have resorted on & off for years with harsh products that claim to scrub away & fight acne however I always end up going back to the Dermalogica range. I recently purchased a sample kit of their medibac range but felt the regular active moist and essential cleanser were better. The active moist is very light and airy feeling on the skin & doesn't irritate my acne at all. It moisturises really well for bein
  4. disappointed

    I used this product in combination with the blue herbal face cleanser. I don't feel as though either of the products had any benefits on my skin/acne. The moisturizer is light & fresh feeling on the skin it wasn't sticky or heavy. I didn't feel like it was working to treat my acne and after a few weeks of using it I gave up, I wouldn't recommend this as it is a little pricey for doing little good.
  5. disappointed

    I purchased this product in the US while on vacation as it is cheaper there than in the UK. I really wanted this product to work after hearing good things about other kiehls products from friends. On a positive note the wash feels fresh & has a menthol/tea tree scent which leaves the face feeling refreshed. However the wash seems to have done very little for my acne, I expected to notice a marked difference in my acne with this but it remained unchanged! I feel there are better products
  6. effective but rough

    I have purchased this scrub for years, it is very effective for clearing acne & deep cleansing the skin. The only downside is it can cause redness of the skin as it is a little rough.
  7. good but not for drier skin

    I bought this from Debenhams a few months ago, I paid under £20 for it which I feel reasonable as I normally pay around this amount for foundation. The MUA matched my skin color really well so it looks very natural which is good & it comes in a variety of colors for every skin tone. The foundation works well to hide & conceal redness of the skin & does hide spots and blemishes well too. I would advise to use a proper skincare routine & not rely solely on this blemish treatment
  8. good but a little rough on skin

    I bought this a few months ago in superdrug. The price was really cheap so I feel its good for the price. The scrub deep cleans the skin so i only tend to use it twice weekly. It is a little too rough for me personally for everyday use. Would recommend in between a proper skincare routine but not for overly sensitive skin.
  9. soft, soothing & feels natural

    After months of hearing lots about Liz Earle products I finally decided to give their trademark cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser treatment. I have only been using it for 2 weeks so far but I have already noted a marked difference in my skin. I suffer from hormonal acne around my chin & mouth area, and have struggled for years with products that do not work effectively. This product is a 2 step process, apply the cleanser with dry hands to a dry face, do not use water in this first step