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  1. Ah, I see your dilemma. Because usually doctors call it in, if you call it in they can't fill the prescription because some random guy called them and told them to. I would just call them, tell them what's up and they'll either tell you to bring it in, or call back your doctor.

    In terms of how long it takes to get the meds, it varies by pharmacy, but accutane is pretty common so it shouldn't take too long to get, at least as I remember it.

  2. The link you posted is an Amazon Affiliate link so either you or her are trying to push that product to make money off people. Always be wary of people pushing health products when they're not health experts.

    Do you mind posting the article where this quote is from? I'd like to see her cite some studies to back up her claims.

    Cod Liver Oil in my opinion is one of the best supplements for health out there. The only risks I've seen out there are possibly increased risks of prostate cancer for excess consumption of Omega-3's.

  3. I think any one who has suffered from moderate to severe acne has experienced this, at least I have.

    To me, the first step is getting rid of acne, obviously. If you didn't have acne, there would be nothing to worry about right? What is your current routine like?

    The problem is that because getting rid of acne is a process, you can't sit around waiting until acne is gone to resume your normal life. You want to start today.

    My belief is that you need to accept your acne and your skin, and just live life in spite of it. You're never going to convince yourself you don't care about how your face looks by simply adopting a mindset. You need to actively live your life regardless of how your skin looks.

    It's like facing a fear. If you have a fear of heights you shouldn't just never go to tall buildings or roller coasters again, or try to pretend that you don't actually have a fear of heights. Rather, you should constantly be exposing yourself to your fear.

    What you need to do is force yourself into more conversations and social events. This will be very difficult at first, but over time, your subconscious will convince your mind that you truly don't care about how your skin looks.

    Again, it won't be easy but it's better than living a life of fear and depression.

  4. I think all the dosages are pretty solid, except Vitamin A may be a bit too high. Vitamin A is fat soluble so there is a small probablity of overdosing, whereas with water soluble vitamins like vitamin C that's not possible.

    Have you ever considered Cod Liver Oil? I prefer it over vitamin A pills because it's natural and not synthetic, and has a good balance of vitamins A and D, as well as Omega-3's.

  5. Because you're still a teenager, it's likely that your acne is indeed hormonal.

    Have you seen a dermatologist? I can't remember if you need a prescription for Epiduo. If you haven't, I'd recommend seeing one as they can provide you with the proper care needed to balance your hormones.

    The problem with Epiduo is that it is simply a topical, and doesn't do much to treat the underlying causes of acne which is in your case hormones. Make sure that you aren't deficient in certain vitamins and minerals (e.g. Vitamin A, D, E, Zinc) as deficiencies may cause excess sebum secretion.