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  1. One acne book I read is actually good, it's called "Adult Acne - The Whole Story", which I downloaded on Amazon. What impressed me was that the guy knows his stuff and refers to real medical studies, not the usual miracle pill or food avoidance crap that people usually spout. He tells you that it will take at least 30 days to be clear too, which is true in my experience - beating acne is not an overnight thing, so if that's what you want dream on and good luck.
  2. Take usar718's comments with a pinch of salt. Seems to be some trolling going in with that user.
  3. I would like to see Usar718's evidence. Sounds like an Old Wives' Tale. It flies in the face of scientific research about masturbation (pardon the pun). I already talked about this issue on another post. Abstinence for seven days leads to higher testosterone levels. From this, we could imply more acne if you abstain, unless you nip it in the bud (again pardon the pun), before that. Better in an loving relationship though, what with the Oxytocin benefits and so on. Google the 2003 "Re
  4. The two literally go "hand in hand" . Increase in sexual desire and increase in sebum due to androgens. Interestingly, a Chinese study showed that maximum testosterone levels are reached 7 days after sexual abstinence started. So the good news: masturbation/sex can control testosterone levels and hence acne, but not too often- a couple of times a week is good. Check out the study if you need further evidence: Jian, M., Xin, J., Zou, Q. & Shen, J.W. 2003. A research on the relatio