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  1. No he doesn't it was a very long time ago he said. He didn't even know what it is at the time, his doctor said this is the cure to acne, and he popped the pills and that's that lol.
  2. When we look at it, the old fashioned way helped a lot of people For instance my uncle took accutane in 1984 when it was all new, and till this day clear skin and he told me he had horrible severe acne at the time he took it and he was like 19 at the time.
  3. My derm treats you from 3-6 months on accutane and in rare cases extends it beyond 6 months. He says if the dose works even if it's 40mg and you weigh like 70mg then it's all good. And if you clear like in 2 months or so, there is no point on being on the medication for like 4 months. So he administers a dose and discontinues the drug accordingly to your response and severity. He said there is people that do accutane for like 3 months and are cured forever, while there is people who get the cumu
  4. I used to get razor bumps and ingrown hair when I shaved my face, but the less frequent I shaved the less I got. Ever since I got on accutane, I haven't seen one pimple from shaving! But the first few days I got off the medicine I already noticed a few tiny razor bumps and ingrown hairs. I have a friend who took accutane years ago and has awesome great skin but gets ugly razor bumps on his neck but he also has very coarse hair. So is this normal or what?
  5. I been reading in some places that accutane may not clear you the first time and there is a 8 week resting period for another course? So does this mean there is people that don't clear up one bit or very little from the first course? And is this a very rare thing?
  6. I just finished accutane, like 3 weeks ago and I have some problems with my throat (not because of accutane) and I might have to take prednisone for a week or 2. I remember 3 years ago I took it for like 3 weeks and I developed chest acne, and gained 10lbs. I'm really scared this may happen, so how long is it safe to take it not to gain weight or most importantly not to get acne? I read that the onset is usually 2-6 after the drug is initiated but I'm very concerned.
  7. Your dose is in the 1mg/kg range which is max but you can do up to 2mg/kg but that's for very very fucked up acne! Are you clearing? If so I guess you are fine, but ask your derm.
  8. Of course, I had ugly comedones and many many little blackheads and white bumps under my skin which were impossible to get rid of and mostly gone thanks to accutane!
  9. Dude I was on accutane for 8 months, and on my last week I suddenly got several outbreaks but all minor though.
  10. No don't use anything! I didn't start clearing good till month 5! I was on tane for 8 months for this reason! And even now I ended my course couple of days ago, I had a few days before my last day like several outbreaks that came out of nowhere but all minor, and only 2 on my face the rest on my left shoulder and neck but otherwise I'm good and you will be good too
  11. My derm said it's fine, just to have regular skin as long as there is no oil. But being on tane anyway even if your dose is like 10mg per day you still can't have oil. Some people just don't get that side effect that's all. I did have chapped lips though but not bad either only once a night vasiline was needed and all good. Look at the side effects list below taken from a derm's site, and not even everybody gets chapped lips. Common side effects include Chapped lips (90%), dry skin and itching
  12. I weigh 73kgs, and did 40mg for first 2 months and then for the remaining 6 months I was on 80/40mg alternating every other day so that's like 60mg per day. And I wasn't one bit dry although I was nearly on 1mg/kg per day. I wasn't oily either just regular skin. And I too took the medication only with fat like cheese, bologne, pizza and I'm still one skinny mofo lol. Only 80% get dry skin on accutane which means not everybody so you'll be fine.
  13. I did accutane for 8 months and never did my zits heal faster! All it did is prevent new acne! My derm also told me that the medication should heal acne faster! Weird.