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  1. Hello, it took me 5 derms and 3 years to find one who prescribed me accutane. Just keep stressing with your doc that you've tried everything else and it's really affecting your life. If your current derm won't do it for you, move on to the next. Since you don't have cystic acne, perhaps antibiotics would do the trick. You didn't mention anything about ever trying those in your post. Maybe you have, but if not it may be worth a shot. Doxycycline or Monocycline might work for you. Good luck.
  2. I don't think drastic side effects are too common. The most common are probably the dryness, sore joints, and fatigue. I read the accutane logs almost daily and have never really seen any crazy side effects. The degree that acne has to be to get accutane differs among everyone. It depends on your derm and how many other treatments you have tried. It sounds like you've done a lot of them. I would suggest going back to your derm and let them know you've tried so many things without success and wou
  3. Many people are prescribed a retinoid such as taz or retin-a when they finish their accutane course. It's for maintenance and will help keep your pores clear. You should not have an IB if you start taz right after accutane, your pores are really clear right now and your skin has nothing to purge. Using Taz for skin maintanance after finishing tane is highly recommended.. good luck!
  4. Thanks for the help guys. I've been taking one in the morning, one in the night and it's working out fine for me so far!
  5. I've been smoking at least twice a week.. No big deal. And as always, it's waayyyyy better for you than drinking.
  6. I am starting below dosage tomorrow.. 2 40 mg pills per day. In the first month I only took 1 per day. Should I take them at the same time, or one in the morning and one at night? Does it matter? It may not matter at all, but I just want to see what other ppl's opinions are. Thanks,..
  7. Yay! You're clearing up. I knew your breakout wouldn't last too long. That high dosage is kicking acne's ass, fast! My increased dosage starts tomorrow, hopefully I will clear up real soon
  8. Although I haven't experienced extreme dryness on my face yet, I heard Emu oil is good for the dry patches. And it's non-comedogenic. I already bought some. It worked pretty well on the dry patches I got on my arms last week. I'm yet to try it on my face except around my nose, but it seems like good stuff.
  9. Hey girl good luck on this course. Hopefully it will be the last one you'll ever need!
  10. Hey Jordan. I would suggest keeping on the cephalexin til ya run out. Then by the time u run out, hopefully ur body will be so used to tane that u won't break out at all. Glad to hear you're doing alright!
  11. Cystic acne does suck so bad, and yes it is quite disfiguring. Almost all of the pimples I have gotten since starting accutane have been cystic, grrrrrr!!! This better be over real soon, not sure how many more cysts I can handle
  12. My doc told me that starting off at 40 mg would lessen my IB but not completely prevent it. My new dosage, which is in my signature, starts tomorrow. I'm def in the midldle of my IB. But hopefully you won't get one, since your skin doesn't sound too bad. Your derm must be pretty cool for letting you go on accutane without cystic acne!! Good luck with everything.
  13. Hey abby i am so sorry that girl sounds like such a psycho. But I hear ya, it's hard to leave ur bf if ur in love with them. If my bf ever cheated on me, as much as I hate to say this, I would probably take him back. As far as the "i love you" thing goes, I don't really know what to say. How long have u been dating? My BF and i started dating 1 year ago, last october, and we didn't start saying I love you until May or June of this year. That's the longest I've ever waited to say that, but I mean
  14. You're doing so well. I hope that in 2 weeks, I can be doing as well as u are! I start my increased dosage tomorrow, 80 mg during the week, 40 on the weekends, I'm sure my side effects will be increasing as well. But as long as my skin starts clearing up soon, i'll be happy! See ya!
  15. Jordan - good question! Umm it's a Toshiba.. satellite series? It's on sale this week at best buy for like $749... 1 gig memory, and all the other "necessary" stuff that i really have no clue about! Hopefully toshiba is not a piece of crap, i've heard good things from a lot of ppl. Thanks for the nice comment about my skin. I feel as crappy as I could possibly get right now..