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  1. Hey tarmik, I was doing some looking and they say after punch excisions your supposed to get some sort of resurfacing done. They suggested dermabrasion but that seems too extreme to me. That b-lift peel your getting might help. If not maybe get a deep peel. How much did the punch excisions cost? I am considering this option but can't find one picture on the web. I have alot of questions about it. I'm thinking punch excisions then exoderm next year. Keep me posted
  2. Wow punch excisions! Are you happy you did it besides the blending problem? Is it better even with the blending problem? I have deep pits too, would love to get them level. Have you tried a tanning bed?
  3. Can someone tell me how to post in the gallery or otherwise? Thank you.
  4. I am very interested in this. I hope there are drs in the states that do this. Did it show any pictures? I have considered skin grafting but don't know if it would look strange. perhaps grafting with the dermasanding woul blend it more. Keep us posted
  5. Thanks maya for that link, Very good information! Rebellgyrl(love your name) I got your pm and tried to respond but it said web site not responding. So, I have never had a deep peel done before. My type of scarring is boxcar and some quite deep but that does not bother mee too much. The ones that bother me are the scars that look like injuries. I wish I could describe them better. They are completely flat and not real hard but have remained red for many years. Have you ever seen where 50 cent go
  6. Hey guys, I hope I am not starting too many threads, I search for everything before I do. I would love to talk to rebellgyrl or steve 321 about exoderm. I am fairly new here and am researching my scar repair day and night. I am very interested in exoderm for some of my more unique scarring. I have some acne scars like I've never seen before on anyone. It is flat and red like I fell off a bike there or something. I'm not talking about red spots from pimples they are red flat scars about 1 inch i
  7. Thanks poohman. I'll ask my derm about it.
  8. Does anyone know of the cheapest temp. filler ther is to see if I respond to it. I am very excited about pursuing artecoll in the future, but don't even know if it will work for me. My derm says restyalene (spelling??) is my best option but it's very expensive for temp results. Thanks for any info.
  9. Thank you very much for those oursfan. They were ones I have not seen yet. The one from lee derm was AMAZING!! I am taking into consideration the lighting since she looks 5 shades paler in the after photos, but you can't see any indents. I saw your pictures, and the last I saw it looked like you were getting VERY good results with subcision. I hope it's still coming along nicely. Leon, I'll look for your photos on the gallery. I would like to post pictures as well but I am a computer moron!! I r
  10. O.K, The word amazing was overboard. Good results? I'm just looking for all the pictures I can find. I've seen quite a few but would love to know if I"m missing some.
  11. Tarmik, I don't know of any good derms in the entire midwest. I live in michigan and am very interested as well. I'm still searching and I'll let you know if I find one. You do the same. see ya
  12. Waite, I'm very interested in your procedure as well. Complications, results, etc. Can you still go in the sun? Do you notice that the skin is thinner? I know your studying, good luck on the test. Can't wait to hear from you.
  13. Hello all, I was just wondering if you guys have ever seen pictures of amazing results with any treatments. I have searched the web and seen various pictures but wonder if I'm missing anything. I've never been to a derm that had before and after pictures so maybe some of those are real good. Any links would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. hey poreman, Thanks for the info. Good luck on the tca, I'll check that thread for your progress. Plataukid, thanks for that info on artecoll. I heard that it will be released in the states soon but I want somebody experienced in it already. It sounds like your derm has experience if he's from canada. I'm not that fortunate. I live in michigan and I feel the derms around here are dumb asses. At least the ones I've seen. I've not been able to find all the the procedures I read about on here. How