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  1. anyone? what the heck am i supposed to eat ughhh
  2. Okay so I am going to go with the gluten free diet but I have a few questions... I have tried researching about it but cant find anywhere that lists example food logs or whatever so can you guys pretty please be so kind as to list like 2 options for breakfest.. 2 options for lunch and 2 options for dinner as part of a gluten free diet? i have no idea what to eat and it would help so much.... i can live with eating the same thing everyday if it clears my skin Thanks so much everyone. Robbie
  3. I took accutane for 15 days then stopped because I decided it was not for me. How long until I can take a multi-vitamin with Vitamin A in it? Thanks so much
  4. This is why I stopped all topicals as of August 1, 2007 .. it was too much for my skin to handle it was so damaged and dry and rough it sucked. All I do know is a gentle cleanser and moisturize and my skin is looking so much healthier.. i have more acne now but atleast my skin looks less red and more healthy now.
  5. hey man ur skin looks good, if u wanna see some real red marks i should upload my pics.
  6. For me it was when my best friend asked me " Do you wash your face ?" OF COURSE I WAS MY FACE U FOOL ... that made mefeel horrible.. and then to make it worse he says " I dont know how you leave the house with skin like that" Needless to say I wanted to cry, and I did when I got home. Like a 5 year old girl I cried my eyes out. P.S. I wish I could give everyone in this thread a big hug because we all deserve one for all the crap people have said to us over the years. No one ever deserves to b
  7. Hey I just saw your accutane log and wow you are looking good. You are clearing up so well...It really is giving me hope for when I start accutane next week.

  8. To me your skin looks good.. I have to focus so hard to notice what you are talking about... trust me its not that bad at all!
  9. sorry to hear about your liver pain man, i hope things get better for you
  10. lol i know what u mean..its the worst feeling to be soooooooo tired and ur friends can just plop down and fall asleep but we have to go and do a freakin regimen that takes 10 mins. if we add up those 20 mins a day for 365 days a year for years , we are losing years of our life.
  11. i wish i could grow facial hair like urs ... mine comes in like a 13 year old boys and im 22 lol
  12. Wow I was just about to make a thread about this lol. I was gonna say how its such BS how my two brothers have flawless skin and all they do is shower and let water hit their face they dont even use any cleansing products .. WTF!! they are so lucky.. and they are 20 and 18.. and im 22. some ppl are just lucky
  13. Thanks for the reply, I guess I will switch to using it in the shower since i shower in the morning and night. I had been washing my face over the sink .. but my fawcet ( wow that is one word i cant spell worth shit ) is like a fire hydrant and i get water all over it sucks. I guess I am just paranoid and I like to look at myself when I wash my face to make sure i get all the right spots and stuff. You said you use Aveeno, I have heard alot of people who say they use Aveeno products also... d
  14. This is a weird random question but I want to know what you guys are doing... I know alot of people on Accutane use Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser.. but do you guys use it in the shower or after the shower over the sink? Also does your cetaphil bottle have a pump? Mine doesnt and I was just wondering how much actual product you guys use and for how long? Thanks and sorry for the silly question, Robbie
  15. Wow, only 1 day... u got the results back from ur blood test in 1 day? i always thought it took like a week. what exactly do you they take the bloodtest for to check? also i have never had a bloodtest before in my life.. how much blood are they gonna take?