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  1. i also wish i woulda gotten accutane when my acne was at its worse. maybe if i had i wouldn't have these scars. but maybe if would have made my face worse? who knows. i feel like a genetically engineered freak. seriously. frankenstein or something.
  2. What's the name of that song? and the band? i heard that on some commercial too.
  3. tell me where you live so i can whoop you!! i got your back guy20
  4. good for you. forget that skank and find yourself a decent girl.
  5. ive had them between eyebrows too. i got one on my eyelid before, just remembered. its a bitch
  6. id say yes. but that doesnt mean you're a bad person. are you depressed?
  7. yeah when i had no job i was like that. was nice to get out and refresh every now and then. ....why do people say things like 'youre too pretty to be in your house all day'? as if an ugly girl is less of a person and should stay in all day.
  8. yeah i agree. i look my worst with them. and lucky me most stores and places use them.
  9. i try not to care, but i do. my appearance makes me stand out, and the attention i get makes me feel somewhat insecure with myself. there are some things i cant change but acne problems is not one of them.
  10. i wish i was tall like you raph! Heh, its not that great. Being tall is abit overrated. is what you said true? oily skin=less wrinkles in the future? if it is at least theres 1 plus side! *high fives guy20*
  11. i sometimes stare at guys and girls with really nice skin and think how weird it would be for my skin to be smooth, not oily, even toned. because im used to have such shitty skin. it would be really weird actually. i dont just do it with skin, i also look at really small people and wonder would it would be like to be that size, or i look at old people and wonder would it would be like to be old, lol.
  12. hmmm...lemon juice from the actual fruit? or can it be bottled lemon juice?
  13. well that didnt exactly make sense but you're not a loser for coming here. youre tryig trying to help yourself out. nobody is perfect.
  14. still won't work. maybe ill just have to go to the library and browse it there or something. itll make it hard to post progress pics and stuff X-[
  15. i can't view some forums. when i try to go to the scar forum, it takes me to the loggin page. If try to edit my signature, i takes me to the loggin page. im limited to certain forums and threads cause of this. what can i do to fix this? thanks
  16. My face is messed up. It's red and my scarred. And on top of that, my structure sucks. id probably be ugly even with clear skin. so its a double whammy. also im sort of big. 6'8 and 335lbs. im not the round fat type, im really big boned but i have a belly and i have a big ass. i look like barney. i have to get my clothes specially made. people look at me like im a monster. ive had kids actually run to there parents to get away from me. i'm self conscious about going out because of the attention
  17. Everyone with acne moves to one city, that way we could live amoungst people like ourseves. Then we could make fun of everyone with clear skin and riot everytime we see a proactive commercial. What do ya say?
  18. Haha Blythe. been 3 days for me also. I'm using it twice a day..my face is kinda red and irritated on this...anyone else experiencing that? i cant tell if its working or not. but gosh i hope it does.
  19. so... you can use this while using TCA CROSS then too? any1?
  20. u look smart and cool at the same time fayth. awesome eyebrows.
  21. thanks for the reply. damn...that sucks. so will it rebound once you stop or is the thinner hair permanent?
  22. hmmm..has this product even been mentioned here before this thread?