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  1. we're closer to hamsters. and primates, of course. but regardless, the validity of animal studies in general isn't the issue (as they are of vital importance to medical research), it's of this particular study and its methods, which don't appear (to me) to have the best design to draw the conclusion they did. and even if it does, a mouse is not a person and even though our genomes are close there are still three million base pairs we're dealing with... and drugs do not affect humans and anima
  2. you can do ADs and tane at the same time as long as you make sure you are monitored. kill two birds... with two stones...
  3. you're skin is irritated. probably from the duac, it should get better the longer you use it. also could be you're using the cleanser at night too, you should use it during the day. i'd get a gentler cleanser for nighttime washing your face, something without medicine or soap in it.
  4. sun. fo sho'. i drank with tane a couple times. didn't really do anything except my tolerance was low because i hadn't had anything to drink during the majority of my treatment. don't overdo it but a beer once in a while isn't gonna kill you. remember your body only metabolizes 1 drink per hour WITHOUT tane, it's slower with it. the thing to be worried about are your TG levels... which can rise for a day or two after you drink.
  5. the only real way to measure depression would be to measure their neurotransmitter levels... by cutting their dead brains open. does the study talk about that? if not, i wouldn't give it much credibility. but to answer your question, there probably isn't any information on that because a) mice have a short lifespan and b) like i said, if it were reliable they'd probably be killing them and dissecting them for info anyway, so wouldn't have that information.
  6. very unlikely. the link between depression and accutane is anecdotal at best. people go looking for things to blame their problems on, and one of them is drugs. funny thing is, if you tell someone what the side effects (or benefits) of taking a "drug" are they are more likely to experience them (even if there's no active drug). it's called the placebo effect, and it works even if the drug isn't a blank. if you're concerned about your depression the person you should talk to is a psychiatris
  7. ewww... okay before you freak out, some questions to ask yourself. do you shave your armpits? if so how often? it could be you've got ingrown hairs that are infected, causing the lumps, the black stuff, and the odor. do you use deodorant or antipersperant? what kind? did you recently switch brands? could be your body not liking a new brand so much, or over-applying it and not washing properly did you wear a black shirt recently? it could have "fuzzed" and left some residue on your sk
  8. cold weather accutane sucks but you'll be through the worst parts of dryness by the time it gets cold if you start now. it's worth it!
  9. ask your derm at your next appt. my guess is your blood lipid levels were great the first two tests so your derm isn't worried and so hasn't ordered any more tests. don't worry too much, but ask your derm next time you see them.
  10. ugh i hate ipledge. what i would do is take the prescription to your pharmacy. the pharmacists will hassle the docs for you, it saves you the trouble!
  11. bronzer? that seems like a good temporary solution. your skin's not going to hold a tan while on the drug, i'm betting, so don't try, or you could be in for some pain.
  12. Hey there! I was on Zoloft for a month before starting accutane, and will be on it for another month. I didn't have any problems taking them together, and helping with my depression helped my attitude about my skin for sure. The thing about accutane and depression... well, the corrolation exists for two reasons IMO... 1. People who have acne can be depressed because of low-self esteem and 2. Young people have acne, and young people are more likely to get depression. I personally don't thin
  13. Thanks for all the congrats! And to answer the questions, yes I did break out throughout my course, but less and less as it went on... I was never 100% clear and I looked worse than I was because I was healing really really slowly. I was never really really oily, and during the course I had no oil, but now I'm back to normal levels with it. It's really manageable. The best part about finishing is I got to throw away all the gross moisturizing creams and petroleum jelly I was sticking on myse
  14. I had dry eyes/lips/nose (and my nether regions) during my entire course. All better now. I think that's the case with the majority of people who experience these side effects... they're expected and go away once you stop taking it. Five months of eye drops and being a chapstick-o-holic didn't prevent me from using the drug!
  15. Just a visit from an accutane success story... My run was January-June on 20-40-60-80-80-80. I'm 20 years old and had had acne since I was 10, with everything from blackheads to big old cysts, with my breakouts related to my cycle. I'd tried everything I wasn't allergic to and nothing kept it at bay without side effects. When I started, I'd classify my acne as not moderately severe, but remarkably persistent. The drug made an amazing change. Those five months were REALLY tough, my healing