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  1. i'm another HUGE FAN of UDPP. my comments pretty much mirror the other gals - super oily lids, shadow not lasting, etc. i've been using PP for the past month and definitely a keeper IMO.......
  2. 5th!!!!! I have it in Blue Peep and it is the only liner that can match up with my super oily eyelids. I can't wait to get it in all the colors.
  3. i thank this forum for introducing my to fluidline. Holy man, that stuff stays put..my fav. eyeliner by a longshot..
  4. i love eyeliner - it can do so much - make your eyes bigger, appear wider apart, give the look of a thicker lash line, etc. typically, i do eyeliner with shadow, generally on top of the shadow. if i want a softer line, i'll apply it before the shadow. every once and a while i'll apply it on the bottom, but more often than not, i'll apply it to my lid only. my favorite is MAC fluidline. the staying power is amazing.
  5. intensive - best coverage, even when mixed with my moisturizer.
  6. yes, it's powder foundation. www.everydayminerals.com - i like it MUCH better than Bare Minerals. BM has an ingredient, bismuth oxycholoride, that makes my skin shiny and itchy. the coverage with EM is fantastic. i use the intensive formula, but they have others. u can order a sample kit for free, u just pay for shipping. i started using EM back in August of last year and have never used anything else since then.....
  7. well, i'm a HUGE Everday Minerals fan. it's affordable and has yet to cause any breakouts on my face. i highly recommend it....
  8. it is good stuff - but not for everyday use, just like the others stated.
  9. u can get it @ target too.
  10. thanks for posting this! i had no idea but i looked @ the bottle and started thinking "how do i get to the bottom of this?" now i know.....
  11. i would suggest sending EM customer service a picture of u in natural lighting and ask them for suggestions on shades. you may need to mix a few together to get the exact match. i'm fairly pale between cool and neutral and i have to mix fairly light neutral and golden fair to get the exact shade i'm seeking. i use the intensive formula for full coverage but they have other formulations that may give you the coverage you seek. you can always order a sample kit, it's free, you just pay for shippin
  12. Olay Complete All Day Moisture SPF15 for Sensitive Skin.....my HG moisturizer......
  13. depends on the coverage and finish ur seeking. i use intensive because it provides the best coverage. if hover over each of the textures, a box will pop-up giving u a brief description of each. i've only used matte and intensive. i prefer intensive for the coverage. matte just wasn't enough for me.
  14. i have thick, coarse, curly hair. i've been using V05 conditioners (since i do the no-poo method) and overall, i'm really happy with the results.
  15. i have Comfy and i it. it's more of a bronze based brown - with lots of gold shimmer in it. gorgeous color - i highly recommend it.... as for blush, i like Cherry Fizz, Apple (which you already have), and Sunday Brunch. Sunday Brunch is highly pigmented, so a little goes a really long way.
  16. well, i'm 5'1 so unless he was an oompa loompa, height was never an issue. BUT, i've always preferred men who were at least 5'8 - i can't be even with them when i have my heels on. i like to look up, not straight ahead. my husband is 6'0 even......