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  1. it's possible - depending on how long ur out in the sun and how easily you tan on your face.
  2. definitely. i noticed this when i went to Miami last year - we were in the sun a lot and i noticed my skin definitely cleared up and thanks to the tan the visibility of the scars has decreased. of course, once the tan faded, the scars returned. sigh...
  3. typically the best way to lighten ur brows is to use bleach, just like u would use to lighten ur hair. it's not risky at all.
  4. there's no such things as 100% sure for everyone. each person's reaction will be different. for instance, with MAC makeup, some break out, some don't. just depends. EM doesn't break me out and i use the intensive formula. it's really subjective. it could be the EM, it could be something else. i'd say analyze not only the makeup, but changes in your diet, skin care regimen, stress levels, etc.
  5. i love my: eyes - shape, color, etc. lips nose eyebrows hair the small of my back my calves my butt my thighs
  6. Someone else mentioned that they saw an oil decrease, but if I remember right, I seemed to have an oil increase at first (for a couple weeks) and then it stopped and now my skin is normal. I chalked the initial increase up to the fact that I was unclogging pores so the oil was free to come out or maybe it was just my skin getting used to the new regimen. Anyway, like I said, my oil production is normal these days. Before this "regimen", I had always had skin that was too oily - my boyfriend i
  7. today is day 2 for me on this. so far, i like what i see. i've noticed a difference oil production, that's for sure. i've also noticed the one pimple i had on my chin (which i recently popped) has begun to heal and flake off with nothing new underneath. not sure if this the BS working or what i was using beforehand. but, i'm going to keep up with this regimen and hopefully i'll have the same result. for a moisturizer i use Olay Complete All Day Oil Free for Sensitive Skin. i'm keeping my finge
  8. they do work, don't they? i was going to buy another box but i did a comparison looking at some pics of me pre and post strips and i can really see the difference. plus, using the Crest Vivid White Night makes a big difference......
  9. i wear my hair down more often than not. i'm huge on not giving a fuck what people think about me and embracing my fabulousness regardless of what may be going on with my face, body, etc. i work what i'm blessed with....even if my face looks like it exploded the night before......
  10. i wish there was a way to contact them for advice from time to time.....like "so, i'm thinking of wearing this to this...what do you think??" ahhh to dream.......
  11. Which method do you use, waxing or threading?
  12. i wouldn't recommend you tweeze them yourself. go and get them professionally shaped either by waxing or threading. you want to make sure you get the shape ur looking for - then if you need to you can maintain them with tweezing.
  13. if i'm not mistaken, isn't that a sign of low iron or anemia? wynne?
  14. I bought one but wasn't clear on how to do it. I forgot all about it. I guess I'll try it now. Do I scrape at anything that feels rough? Mine has two hooks, one that is flat and one that is round. I think lot of my cavities were caused by cracks from chewing on ice. No one ever told me our enamel wasn't tough enough to eat ice until I was in my mid 20s. That should be added to the elementary school curricula.
  15. try baby powder - that should help. i do that when i get my hair straightened with a flat iron - it helps me to hold the style for anywhere from 2-3 weeks. i've never tried the dry shampoo - i know they sell it @ Sally's....
  16. I just bought the Crest Vivid White Night toothpaste. I've used it for 2 nights so far and wake up with the funkiest morning breath! Are you experiencing the same thing?
  17. i just finished the regimen of Crest Whitening Premium Plus and i have noticed a difference. i've also been using Crest Vivid White Night toothpaste which helps to loosen some of the stains on your teeth so. I do want to do another round tho, I'd like them a couple of shades whiter.