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  1. oh no!!! well i tried it and i dont like it...it leaves my curls flat. but i used it on my niece and it works wonders so i'm selling the system to my sister. i'm going totally CG the next time i wash my hair.. i've yet to see my curls at their best and the products i've tried never give me the results i want so i figure it's time to give something else a try.... whats your hair regimen? do you visit Naturally Curly.com for recommendations? i remember you have some beautiful locks - i wond
  2. i like to keep it simple, especially since i'm getting older, and of course, less is more...so, daily this is my routine: EDM foundation Mascara - Maybelline Full 'n' Soft - my HG mascara Blush Carmex and a gloss - preferably Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush or Sephora brand.. and that's it....
  3. everyone's skin is different. i've tried the cleanser and it made me break out horribly...i've since gone back to Cetaphil with great results. it's consistent and cleans really well.... one of my best friends uses it and she loves it....so it just depends....
  4. greetings folks....i had been eyeing this line called Mixed Chicks and recently purchased the trio of products. i've used it once and still unsure as to what i think.... it's not on MUA so if you've used this line or have any feedback you can share, i'd appreciate it!! thanks!!!!
  5. EM is my HG product. i've been using EM since 2007 and i'm in love... coverage is great while still looking natural, doesn't agitate my acne, extremely affordable, and they have a nice range of shades and colors - so just about every skin tone can be accommodated.
  6. hey love :wub: yes, i am back :D well kinda... i pop in every now & then....
  7. have you tried Cetaphil? after much trial and error, i'm hooked on it and it does the trick......
  8. I put it along the edge of my lashes (not the inside waterline though) where I apply eyeliner & it works great interesting...thats good to know.....
  9. Urban Decay Primer Potion is a good remedy for this but it's mainly for the eyelid, not so much the under eye area where ur lashes are. Like some of the other gals, I recommend either MAC Fluidlines or L'Oreal HIP Color Truth Creme Eyeliner. i'm only too and if i use a pencil, i smudge like it's nobody's business. but when i use these, they stay put and the color payoff is awesome..
  10. i LOVE Benefit cosmetics. I've never used their foundations because I'm an EDM gal, but I Dallas blush, Eye Bright, High Brow, and MoonBeam.
  11. ooh LOVE Sephora Eye Bright by Benefit High Brow by Benefit Dallas Blush by Benefit Urban Decay Primer Potion
  12. Jai


    if u like Light Blue by D&G try Blue by Ralph Lauren or anything in the CLEAN line......
  13. Jai


    oh yeah - the PM is the shit - the AM is more of a freshener - the PM version does the heavy duty work. there is no fragrance to it. that's why i use the mitchum in the AM for the deodorant benefits. I use Secret, but I'm looking to kick it up a notch. Can you buy certain dri and mitchum in regular stores or do you ordem them online only? you can get them at any local store - i get mine @ Target....... Mitchum is the same thing as Secret Clinical but waaaay cheaper... if you look @ t
  14. Jai


    Certain Dri PM every other evening and then Mitchum for Women in the morning. until i started using the certain dri i was never able to find something that would stop the excessive sweating. certain dri is the shit......
  15. wow - the launch and subsequent conversion to EM's new site has really caused their CS to go south pretty rapidly. i remember when we used to rave about how great EM's CS was. how things change. i haven't had to order anything from them yet (i've stopped wearing foundation for the most part and what other products I do use I use sparingly so my inventory should last a while) but I'm honestly a bit apprehensive. i love the product - sucks when the level of CS is nowhere near the quality of the pr
  16. Benefit BadGal Covergirl Lash Blast Bare Minerals foundation EDM Everday Everywear - not that great at moisturizing just about anything Avon - the colors are never accurate in comparison to what's in the catalog - of course i know that there will be some variations but IMO, they're extreme
  17. i use the baby kabuki only for applying the finishing dust. i can see how the baby kabuki may not deliver the results that the FT would. i prefer the FT brush for applying foundation. of course, i stopped wearing foundation but when i did - i always used the FT.
  18. the only way to lighten them is to bleach them. if ur filling them in b/c they're sparse, then u could get away with a brow powder because ur actual brow isn't full enough. but, if you've got full brows, the only way to lighten them is to bleach them. the process is easy, u dont need to go to a salon to do it and u dont do it as often as u would think.
  19. i prefer CLEAN. but like lu lu said, it depends on the girl.
  20. I didn't really leave....I just got busy and my org addiction waned because of it. Thanks for noticing my decreased presence though
  21. not sure if anyone has posted about this stuff before......so, i've been eyeing this ever since i got my MAC Fluidline b/c they seem very similar. so, i got it last night @ Target in Midnight Blue and i this stuff! the staying power is amazing. the only bad thing i can say is that the brush sucks ass. i have a slanted eyeliner brush by maybelline that i use with my MAC and i used it with this. excellent results!!!! the color is intense and makes my eyes pop. it's on sale, BOGO (Buy One Get On
  22. so, i got this too and really really like it. i actually use it on my son who has eczema and it works better than any other cream or lotion i've tried. i also use it on my cuticles and my hair after i've put heat to it. i like that only a few drops go a long way. i haven't yet put it on my face b/c i'm really weary about it, but considering the positive experiences posted here, i might make tomorrow my Day 1 as a facial moisturizer.