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  1. the present skin perfector by philosophy. been using it for over a yr. one of my truest HG products. you can get it @ Nordies and some Macy's have philosophy counters.
  2. use silk dust as the first step in your EM regimen. it does help control the oilies. you may want to think about using a primer as well.
  3. Thanks! I will do that ur welcome ;)
  4. :drool: acqua di gio is the shit - that's one of my favorite scents for men.......
  5. I wish I knew what made it so different from all the others - but I get loads of shine, and the softness of my hair is outrageous. Its like a little kid's hair when I use it. Soft, silky, smooth, no frizz. Just so cool. We always joke that my b/f's hair is soft like seal fur - well, this stuff lets me have seal fur soft and silky too. Just FYI - I don't remember if I mentioned, but I wash mine CO every 2- 3- or 4 days, depending on how it seems. 4 days are very rare. But I most often alterna
  6. Purity Made Simple by philosophy - by far the purest, most gentle cleanser i've ever used. it removes all traces of makeup, including eye make-up, without irritating my eyes. i have a 2 oz. bottle that i keep for when i go out of town.... definite HG product for me. The Present Skin Perfector by philosophy - evens out skin tone and texture. reduces the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores. minimizes oil production. helps to create a smoothe canvas for makeup. another HG. Everday Mineral
  7. nope. i wear EM almost every single day and i've fallen asleep in it twice. yes, i know, i know..... BUT, i have yet to see a single solitary negative impact on my skin.....
  8. :boogie: i'm right there with you! i have definitely seen a major improvement in my skin since i started using EM regularly. :wub: EM
  9. i'm going to have to jump on the MUA bandwagon - that's my first stop before deciding to spend any $$ on products. MUA
  10. i use these in between cleansing..... no break outs and i love the smell...
  11. greetings everyone ~ so, i was sitting at work, reading this article and the women's stories and it really moved me. i started going gray when i was around 21 - it just so happened to be a very stressful time in my life and i'm sure that just accelerated the whole thing. anyway, as the years have progressed, so too has the number of gray hairs invading the space of my dark brown hair. i've ALWAYS kept it colored - well not always, i took the colored path when i started cosmetology school. so,
  12. um - what's the handle? my name u mean or what i had underneath?? i temporarily changed my name to a cereal name bestowed upon me by fishbulb
  13. i may apply a tad more mousse and shine serum, but no spritz. let me know how the leave in technique works for you.... ;)
  14. :D i actually read this in some fashion magazine, Lucky, i think. there was some column written by Nick Chavez, this "celebrity stylist" . as for the greasies, no, not at all. i wash my hair typically every 2 days or so. in between, i use a spray bottle with water and some conditioner mixed in to it. i hope it works for you. i actually tried it for the first time when i was on vacation in Miami and my girlfriend noticed the shine immediately.
  15. without question, BS can strip the color from your hair. it is very harsh and can be very drying on the hair, which is why it really is a sporadic method for me. i actually haven't done it in quite some time but i gotta tell you - i've gotten so many compliments on my hair today and i can see how much better the overall look of my hair is now that the gunk is out of it. if u r going to do this method, sporadic is best and yes, right before you plan to color - this helps tremendously with regard
  16. oh and one more thing i do - which isnt reall a "no-poo" trick, but it works great for moisture. after i do my cleansing with the conditioner and it's been rinsed out, i take a nickel sized amount of conditioner and run it through my hair, typically i run it through about the halfway point of my hair thru the ends. i make sure, as i'm running my hands thru my hair, that after i reach the ends, i ring the excess water and watered down conditioner out of my hair. i don't rinse that nickel sized am
  17. i'm a no-poo chick too. i actually just clarified my hair yesterday. i mix shampoo with baking soda (more shampoo than baking soda) and then massage it into my hair and let it sit for about 5 minutes. this is actually a trick i learned in cosmetology school - we used to have to clarify the little old ladies' hair before perming as there was always build-up from medication. i decided to do the baking soda thing (which can be REALLY drying, btw, but very effective) because my hair had fallen lim
  18. i was interested in their dermapods as well. i went to MUA and read their reviews. not that great: http://www.makeupalley.com/product/showrev...reatments_(Eye) when i go to MUA, i like to see at least a 75%+ percentage of people who would likely buy the product again - if it has that, then i'll give it a try.
  19. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...&hl=cologne