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  1. Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer with UV protection - sensitive skin
  2. because BP is soooo drying, it's CRITICAL that you moisturize. as long as you choose the right moisturizer, you should be fine. i'm a HUGE fan of Olay Complete All Day UV Moisturizer - Sensitive Skin - i've never experienced a breakout from it. if ur skin is that dry, it's no wonder ur makeup isn't looking the way it should...there's lots of remedies for the flakiness that comes as a result of using BP, especially that high of a concentration... definitely get to moisturizing NOW - not just cu
  3. really??? why??? cuz i me sum FNS!
  4. i absolutely ACV rinses....the main benefit is to remove product buildup from your hair. it's also good for closing down the hair cuticle, which helps impart shine, strength, and overall manageability to the hair....it's also good for treating dry scalp and/or dandruff..i prefer tea tree oil, but ACV does the job too.... i do an ACV rinse weekly, right before i do my weekly deep conditioning treatment....i mix 1 tbsp ACV w/1 cup of warm water before i get in the shower...once i'm in, co-wash
  5. i MUA.....what i do is say just that - i'd rather swap for something that's closer in value....and then say thanks
  6. i like it but i prefer the Lustrasilk......i even use it to scrunch out the crunch..
  7. chantay let's see.....well i recently began a new regimen to enhance my curlies and i love it...the regimen calls for NO SILICONES and NO SULFATES (which tend to be in most shampoos) for cleansing...you cleanse but with a conditioner that has no silicones. if you wanna know more, go to the Naturally Curly website and check out the CG routine aka no-poo... i absolutely it...my hair is softer, silkier, and incredibly moisturized....not to mention how fabo my hair is thanks to the regimen.....
  8. its a common saying, but honestly, it won't hurt. the notion is that if you cut your cuticles then that could lead to hangnails, etc. and also, they grow back thicker, and blah blah blah. i get mine cut every time i go for a manicure and when i do my own manicures, i cut them myself - all with no problems...i do suggest that u get yourself an orangewood stick or some kind of cuticle pusher and push your cuticles back on a regular basis. i do it daily after i get out of the shower because they're
  9. i say the same thing and people go, really? they're so pretty! i always get compliments when i go for my manucures. yep me too...one breaks, they all get cut and we start over....i find as long as i keep them polished, they grow and stay strong...
  10. healthy cuticles are essential to healthy nails, so make sure u keep them moisturized...cuticle oil, cuticle creams, or something like that is great.. a really great product for your nails themselves are sally hansen's hard as nails or triple strong. i swear by both. also, u might want to consider getting into the routine of getting manicures once a month. i had the same problem when i stopped wearing acrylics and between the monthly manicures and sally hansen, my nails recovered and are now the
  11. HG - Maybelline Full 'n' Soft.... best mascara EVER....
  12. sho does i love UDPP.....i say go with Urban Decay Primer Potion...
  13. yeah NO TANNING! i can attest - i inflicted major sun damage to my skin while i was living in FL (beautiful beaches within an hour's drive - can u blame me??) and now i'm paying for it. i consider myself to be someone who's aging rather gracefully, but i can tell the negative impact that's come as a result of all that overexposure to the sun with virtually no sun protection... i say go with a sunless tanner - save your skin, you'll be glad you did..... i did have a mean ass tan tho....
  14. Bless you! Thank you so much :) you are most welcome :D
  15. why thank you darlin!!!! i appreciate someone who can, well appreciate, my thoughts.....you seem awesome too!!! if you havce any question, just holla!

    1. hey there. i'm another EDM lover (see my sig below - there's an actual cult & everything ) anyhow, i looked at the FAIR shade from BM and found that closest EM match is in the Buff category, and i'd say Buff Beige Neutral. don't know how fair you are, but that's the shade i use and its a perfect match...oh how i EM HTH
    2. EM EM EM! try the sample kit and see how you like it. it's free - you only pay for the shipping....
    3. oh ur welcome love and i totally understand. i had to wait to go CG until i had the extra $$ to get what i needed. the conditioners for co-washes are super cheap though - like V05 and Suave brands and you can find those @ the 99 cent store or dollar tree. alot of the gals love the Herbal Essences Set Me Up and Totally Twisted Gels - so that's something affordable you can try too. oh another good, cheap conditioner that can be used as a leave-in is Lustrasilk Olive Oil Cholesterol. they sell it a
    4. i think you'll like it. it's a process and it takes time but from what i've seen from the before and after pics, it's totally worth it. i don't shampoo at all. i did a final SLS (sulfate) shampoo the day i went CG and haven't done one since. i only did it to get the remaining cones out of my hair. now i co-wash (wash with conditioner only) every other day. my hair and my scalp have seen the benefits from doing it. my curls aren't quite where i want them, but i'm going to stick with it because i
    5. i used to use this pretty faithfully until i discovered Everyday Minerals (thanks to this site ). trust me, i've got TONS of post-acne scarring - hyperpigmentation - and it covers well but because it has Bismuth Oxychloride in it (which BM has too - ICK) i always had a sheen to my face. i prefer EM - it doesnt contain Bismuth and it's waaaaaay cheaper than the supernatural - if i'm not mistaken, the supernatural runs about $35 for a jar and EM is like $8 for a large size foundation - hell an ent
    6. yeah it is....i actually started the CG method this past Sunday and I love it.... i see a definite difference in my curls and the overall condition of my hair....there's a lot of really good info on that site but if u get confused or lost, let me know.
    7. take a look at the theory behind the no-poo method. i'm wondering if the ingredients in the line ur using could be causing ur curls to relax...i'm starting this weekend. i'm going out dancing sat night so that should sweat my hair out nicely to the point where i'll have no choice but to wash it. the CG method allows us to use brands like suave, herbal essences, V05, the cheap ones, because they dont have certain ingredients that really work against our curls as opposed to beautifying them..c