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  1. hey folks....So, I've been using Cetaphil religiously for at least 3 years with no problems - until recently. I have noticed that every time I use it, my face feels like it's burning! I don't use any cleansers that have acne medication in them because they make my acne worse, so I like to stick with something simple and gentle. Any suggestions on replacements?

  2. Jeremeyn, exceedingly well put. I love that.

    Ok.... *cracks knuckles, stretches* All you old-timers, time to roll your eyes and put on your headphones, because you've heard this speech before.

    The pain and suffering in my life is the reason I believe in God. How does one live through drug addiction, homelessness, child abuse without delving into dysfunction and self-hatred so deep that it kills you? How does one find the hope to continue?

    Rather, the question is how did *I* find hope?


    Because I am still here. Despite my best efforts, and believe me, there have been some pretty fantastic efforts, directly and indirectly, on my life - I am still here with the full capacity to live, to love, to wake up cursing and crying and to wake up smiling and joyous. I have not been destroyed, no matter what the world and those in it have found it within them to do to me, no matter what I had found myself doing to myself.

    I'm not saying there aren't aethists with checkered pasts, in fact, many of them have triumphed over dangerous issues in their own lives that would have killed them. But where one would see only the strength of a human being in that, I know that my luck isn't that good and that without something out there watching over me, I'd currently be in various states of decay six feet under.

    Did God give me acne? Why doesn't God take it away? I don't know. But I know as nothing else has destroyed me, neither will this, and I have God to lean on as I walk along.

    *clears throat*

    Rant over. Your regularly scheduled debating can now continue.

    AMEN SISTER!!! i'm right there with you...

    bottom line - there are believers and non believers...it is what it is.....just because you're one or the other doesn't mean you should automatically dismiss the other's position...that's ignorance at its finest..if anything, agree to disagree.....nothing wrong with a healthy debate, but hurling insults with the intent to try and disprove or undermine another's belief system is about as unhealthy as it gets.....seek to understand or don't - either way, the only belief system we are in control of is OUR OWN......

  3. -Name - Everyday Minerals Intensive - mix of Buff Perfect and Buff Beige Neutral

    -Brand - Everyday Minerals (I know you've tried them but its my HG)

    -Where you got it (Drug store, online, department store, makeup store like Sephora etc.) - online

    -How much it cost - $3 for sample kit, approx $8 for large jar

    -What form (pressed/loose powder, tinted moisturizer, liquid..) - loose powder

    -Whether it is mineral makeup or regular - mineral

    -Coverage (light, medium, full, sheer) - full (intensive)

    -How it reacted with your skin (whether if made it red, sting or you broke out) - worked beautifully

    -If its non-comedogenic, oil free... - oil free and it's non comedogenic for me

    -If it has acne medication in it - no

    -How you apply it (brush, pad, fingers) - flat top brush or sponge

    -How it looks on your skin (natural, fake, cakey, patchy..) - looks very natural

    -If it only looks good in certain lights (cuz god knows that happens..) - no looks good all the time

    -How it feels (lightweight, heavy, greasy, oily etc) - feels very lightweight

    -If it has a fragrence or scent - no fragance or scent

    -If it has SPF or not - natural SPF 19, i think

    -How long it lasts throughout the day (does it wipe off in a couple of hours or during exercise) - it holds up well throughout the day and i get oily. i only need to touch up once

    -Name any other products you use with it (Concealer stick, moisturizer, prime) - only moisturize with Oil of Olay. use finishing dust as primer

    -Tips on how to apply it - flat top brush is key for coverage and natural look

    -Share any other products you have tried along the way (what were they like, how do they compare to the makeup you use now) - used BM (HATED IT), MAC Studio Tech (too heavy and broke me out), The Supernatural by Philosophy (good but expensive and has Bismuth in it)

    -Share any products people should avoid like the plague! - BARE MINERALS!!!!

  4. I am a HUGE fan of EDM (see my sig - i belong to the cult and everything! ;))

    I always recommend sending EM a picture of you, without makeup, in natural light. in turn, they will recommend which shade(s) and formula are best for you. for me, it was trial and error - but I've found my perfect combination - Buff Beige Neutral and Buff Perfect in Intensive- an even mix of both :D

    I absolutely swear by their eye kabuki brush, their flat top brush, their foundation, their blushes (apple and sunday brunch are my FAVS!), and their finishing dust.....

    I do use other makeup products along with EM - BeneFit Eye Bright and BeneFit High Brow, Maybelline Full 'n' Soft Mascara (my HG mascara) and various lip glosses. I do like to switch up my blushes between the EM blushes and BeneFit's Dallas blush. I tend to stick with either EM Apple, Sunday Brunch, or BeneFit Dallas. Sunday Brunch is HIGHLY pigmented, so a little goes a very long way.

    Here's my regimen (I tend to use very little and I like to keep it simple, especially since I'm getting older - less is more ;)):

    Cleanse with Cetaphil for sensitive skin

    Moisturize (day only) with Olay Complete All Day UV Defense SPF 15 for Sensitive Skin

    Apply foundation with either puff jar or flat top brush

    Conceal where needed

    apply Eye Bright and High Brow - blend well

    Curl eyelashes then apply mascara

    Apply blush

    Apply Carmex, follow with gloss of choice

    groom eyebrows with eyebrow brush

    that's it.....it takes me no more than 10 minutes to do my makeup - unless I decide to do my eyes, then it can be up to 20 minutes because I like to take my time and get it right. but, most of the time, I don't do my eyes, so 10 min max - closer to 5, actually....

    HTH :D

  5. FUN!

    Best Makeup Product - Maybelline Full 'n' Soft Mascara..this is my HG masacara...i get long, full lashes that look soft and natural...alas, Full & Soft ;)

    Worst Makeup Product - any Bare Minerals foundation.....Bismuth Oxycholoride..nuff said :snooty:

    Best Makeup Tip - when applying your mascara, for added volume, wiggle the wand back and forth across the base of ur lashes then sweep upward. do this technique twice on each eye then, without dipping ur wand back into the mascara tube, sweep the tips of ur lashes so u can get the length you seek.

    Worst Makeup Tip - none yet......

  6. Jai, you look amazing!!

    I recommend the Joico K-Pak intensive conditioner. This stuff is very creamy and has a wonderful scent. It is very expensive and I use another conditioner before it in the shower to detangle. I apply the Joico K-Pak after my hair has been conditioned and detangled and I think it moisturizes and protects the hair. IMO, the first conditioning is important because I use less of the K-Pak (which is 22.00 CAD)

    I am a conditioner lover and Aussie makes a great one.

    why thank u!!!! do you have a sally's beauty supply in canada? if so, they have a GVP (Generic Value Products) version that's less than $10 and it's the EXACT same thing...fragrance included.....

  7. I don't know about that Grandpa stuff, but ACV is great. I do a weekly rinse (Thanks to the lovely tips in this thread) to remove build-up. It's great!

    told ya..ACV FTW!!!!!! :wub:

    Jai, your hair looks really great in your avatar.

    Oh yes, you and her both! FIERCE!

    thank you both!!! :blush:

    Just wanted to throw this in here for those of you who color your hair (like me!) or suffering dryness from meds like Accutane. The best shampoos for your hair are those without sulfates. I highly recommend the Deva Care line. My best friend bleaches her hair pretty often and dyes it pink and it looks silky, shiny and not even close to brittle and dry. Deva Care's No Poo is awesome.

    oh yes - sulfate free poo's are the BEST if you're going to use shampoo for cleansing.....

  8. because BP is soooo drying, it's CRITICAL that you moisturize. as long as you choose the right moisturizer, you should be fine. i'm a HUGE fan of Olay Complete All Day UV Moisturizer - Sensitive Skin - i've never experienced a breakout from it.

    if ur skin is that dry, it's no wonder ur makeup isn't looking the way it should...there's lots of remedies for the flakiness that comes as a result of using BP, especially that high of a concentration...

    definitely get to moisturizing NOW - not just cuz of the BP but because it also prevents premature aging and who's gonna turn that down......

  9. Ooo I've never tried that! What are the benefits of apple cider vinegar, besides for skin? I've heard some pros and cons. What's your regimen for an apple cider vinegar rinse, Jen?

    i absolutely :wub: ACV rinses....the main benefit is to remove product buildup from your hair. it's also good for closing down the hair cuticle, which helps impart shine, strength, and overall manageability to the hair....it's also good for treating dry scalp and/or dandruff..i prefer tea tree oil, but ACV does the job too....

    i do an ACV rinse weekly, right before i do my weekly deep conditioning treatment....i mix 1 tbsp ACV w/1 cup of warm water before i get in the shower...once i'm in, co-wash so i can cleanse my hair then do the ACV rinse, making sure i coat all of myhair and then i do some mild manual friction to make sure the rinse is evenly distributed....then rinse and proceed to the DT.

    i highly recommend it, especially if you use alot of styling products (which i do). it makes a world of difference....

    Here is a good website to check out about the benefits of ACV......

  10. chantay :wub:

    let's see.....well i recently began a new regimen to enhance my curlies and i love it...the regimen calls for NO SILICONES and NO SULFATES (which tend to be in most shampoos) for cleansing...you cleanse but with a conditioner that has no silicones. if you wanna know more, go to the Naturally Curly website and check out the CG routine aka no-poo... i absolutely :wub: it...my hair is softer, silkier, and incredibly moisturized....not to mention how fabo my hair is thanks to the regimen.....

    as for products...here's my list! - all are cone & sulfate free.....

    conditioners for co-washing (cleansing)- Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut - cone free, cheap, and smells divine!

    rinse out conditioners - Sally's GVP Conditioning Balm (exact same thing as Biolage but for like $6)

    deep conditioners - Lustrasilk Cholesterol Shea and Mango Butter - BEST DT for less than $3, another one is Sally's GVP K-Pak (same thing as Joico K-Pak but for like $8 or $10 - the actual K-Pak is 3x that much)

    leave-in conditioner - Kinky-Curly Knot Today - this is one the pricier side but so worth it...totally organic and smells heavenly....i'd eat it if i could :P

    styling products - Herbal Essences Set Me Up Mousse - by far the BEST cone-free mousse i've tried...wish the bottle was bigger so it'll last longer but for $4 i wont complain...

    Kinky Curly Curling Custard (aka KCCC) - another pricey one but HOT DAMN...i love this stuff.....a jar is $35 but sooo worth if it u wish to embrace ur curls...again, organic, smells deeeelish, but more than anything, this thing gives my hair SHINE SHINE and more SHINE.....and even tho its a bit pricey, a little bit goes a long way....i've had my jar for almost six months and have only used a 1/4 of it.....totally worth the money....

    styling tools......again, curl friendly....

    wide tooth comb - total necessity for curlies...helps to keep the hair intact and lessens the chance of breakage from pulling....

    microfiber towels and cotton t-shirts - i used both the towels and tees for removing excess water and i use the tee for plopping. it's a styling method used to further enhance the curlies...

    duckbill clips - place them on the crown while drying - gives major lift in the crown area...sumthin most curlies struggle with...

    finger diffuser - OH MY GOD!!!! best invention EVER... :wub: up until recently, i never bothered and would let my hair air dry, but i decided to give the diffuser a try and holy curls....the curls never looked better....my hair in my avatar pic is a result of the regimen and the diffuser.

    i don't use hairspray anymore and i stopped coloring my hair almost 2 years ago....

    great idea Antonia..... <3

  11. Is it true, cuticles should never be cut or is that an old wives tale?

    its a common saying, but honestly, it won't hurt. the notion is that if you cut your cuticles then that could lead to hangnails, etc. and also, they grow back thicker, and blah blah blah. i get mine cut every time i go for a manicure and when i do my own manicures, i cut them myself - all with no problems...i do suggest that u get yourself an orangewood stick or some kind of cuticle pusher and push your cuticles back on a regular basis. i do it daily after i get out of the shower because they're softened. makes a huge difference....