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  1. that rocks! they should do that here cuz folks under 18 get shitfaced anyway....

    1. Patron & Pineapple juice, or patron shots with lemon and salt or cabo wabo shots with lemon and salt..i would say you, but ur 18..tsk tsk

      1. ur funny..hi back..lol

        1. well, thank you...again, i appreciate it..it's nice to know that someone doesn't think i'm crazy ;)

          1. awwww!! thank you love!!!! i so appreciate that!!!

            1. oh that's awesome! i know you love it especially cuz it's YOURS! yeah, it's tough, but we can make it...the boys are good. my oldest has a girlfriend that he's all gaga over...her mother and i share similar views and parenting styles, so we're not freaked out by it. we know it's a summer thing and once school starts (they're both starting high school next week s

              1. so when did you buy your house? are you still in NJ? where are you working?

                everything is good for me. still with my awesome husband...we're going thru a rough time but we're working on us as a couple and as individuals and i think we're going to make it...financially, that's a different story....we both stopped working our 2nd jobs (not by choice) so that's a major

                1. really???? details details about it all....

                  1. :wub: i missed you too...it's good to be back.....how are you??
                    1. why thank you darlin!!!! i appreciate someone who can, well appreciate, my thoughts.....you seem awesome too!!! if you havce any question, just holla!

                      1. thats my baby son in my avatar, just in case you were wondering......

                        1. i gotta leave the roscoe's logo up there - there's no place like roscoes - it my duty to represent LA! ;)