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  1. hey folks....So, I've been using Cetaphil religiously for at least 3 years with no problems - until recently. I have noticed that every time I use it, my face feels like it's burning! I don't use any cleansers that have acne medication in them because they make my acne worse, so I like to stick with something simple and gentle. Any suggestions on replacements?
  2. EM Foundation - mix of Perfect & Beige Neutral Carmex - Cherry flavor FTW Maybelline Full 'N Soft Mascara honorary mentions (cuz I like to break the rules) - perfume, Cetaphil cleanser, Olay moisturizer, Benetint, Benefit Eye Bright, Valhalla Eye Shadow from Fyrinnae....
  3. Ditto on Maybelline Full 'n' Soft. one of the best DS mascaras out there, IMO. i recently began using Maybelline Volum Express and thus far, am impressed with the results. but, nothing will replace my FNS
  4. that rocks! they should do that here cuz folks under 18 get shitfaced anyway....

    1. Patron & Pineapple juice, or patron shots with lemon and salt or cabo wabo shots with lemon and salt..i would say you, but ur 18..tsk tsk

      1. ur funny..hi back..lol

        1. well, thank you...again, i appreciate it..it's nice to know that someone doesn't think i'm crazy ;)

          1. awwww!! thank you love!!!! i so appreciate that!!!

            1. AMEN SISTER!!! i'm right there with you... bottom line - there are believers and non believers...it is what it is.....just because you're one or the other doesn't mean you should automatically dismiss the other's position...that's ignorance at its finest..if anything, agree to disagree.....nothing wrong with a healthy debate, but hurling insults with the intent to try and disprove or undermine another's belief system is about as unhealthy as it gets.....seek to understand or don't - either wa
            2. Dude, GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME! acne has nothing to do with God nor should you question your faith or His goodness cuz you have pimples. your blesssed beyond words....focus on that...
            3. oh that's awesome! i know you love it especially cuz it's YOURS! yeah, it's tough, but we can make it...the boys are good. my oldest has a girlfriend that he's all gaga over...her mother and i share similar views and parenting styles, so we're not freaked out by it. we know it's a summer thing and once school starts (they're both starting high school next week s

              1. so when did you buy your house? are you still in NJ? where are you working?

                everything is good for me. still with my awesome husband...we're going thru a rough time but we're working on us as a couple and as individuals and i think we're going to make it...financially, that's a different story....we both stopped working our 2nd jobs (not by choice) so that's a major

                1. really???? details details about it all....

                  1. :wub: i missed you too...it's good to be back.....how are you??
                    1. i use conditioner or body wash myself....don't have any advice for the razor issue...sorry
                    2. Jai


                      -Name - Everyday Minerals Intensive - mix of Buff Perfect and Buff Beige Neutral -Brand - Everyday Minerals (I know you've tried them but its my HG) -Where you got it (Drug store, online, department store, makeup store like Sephora etc.) - online -How much it cost - $3 for sample kit, approx $8 for large jar -What form (pressed/loose powder, tinted moisturizer, liquid..) - loose powder -Whether it is mineral makeup or regular - mineral -Coverage (light, medium, full, sheer) - full (intensive) -H
                    3. I am a HUGE fan of EDM (see my sig - i belong to the cult and everything! ) I always recommend sending EM a picture of you, without makeup, in natural light. in turn, they will recommend which shade(s) and formula are best for you. for me, it was trial and error - but I've found my perfect combination - Buff Beige Neutral and Buff Perfect in Intensive- an even mix of both I absolutely swear by their eye kabuki brush, their flat top brush, their foundation, their blushes (apple and sunday bru
                    4. i'm going to try this today! i've seen it done before on TV and it does make the lashes look really thick and lush. is it hard to do?
                    5. FUN! Best Makeup Product - Maybelline Full 'n' Soft Mascara..this is my HG masacara...i get long, full lashes that look soft and natural...alas, Full & Soft Worst Makeup Product - any Bare Minerals foundation.....Bismuth Oxycholoride..nuff said Best Makeup Tip - when applying your mascara, for added volume, wiggle the wand back and forth across the base of ur lashes then sweep upward. do this technique twice on each eye then, without dipping ur wand back into the mascara tube, sweep the
                    6. naturally curly and i love it.....despite the avatar pic LOL
                    7. why thank u!!!! do you have a sally's beauty supply in canada? if so, they have a GVP (Generic Value Products) version that's less than $10 and it's the EXACT same thing...fragrance included.....
                    8. told ya..ACV FTW!!!!!! Jai, your hair looks really great in your avatar. Oh yes, you and her both! FIERCE! thank you both!!! oh yes - sulfate free poo's are the BEST if you're going to use shampoo for cleansing.....