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  1. hey folks....So, I've been using Cetaphil religiously for at least 3 years with no problems - until recently. I have noticed that every time I use it, my face feels like it's burning! I don't use any cleansers that have acne medication in them because they make my acne worse, so I like to stick with something simple and gentle. Any suggestions on replacements?
  2. wapak

    hey, i was wondering if you are still doing the baking soda wash.. :)

  3. EM Foundation - mix of Perfect & Beige Neutral Carmex - Cherry flavor FTW Maybelline Full 'N Soft Mascara honorary mentions (cuz I like to break the rules) - perfume, Cetaphil cleanser, Olay moisturizer, Benetint, Benefit Eye Bright, Valhalla Eye Shadow from Fyrinnae....
  4. ikr, and baked its so cool. not that i would ever break the law like that or anything

  5. Ditto on Maybelline Full 'n' Soft. one of the best DS mascaras out there, IMO. i recently began using Maybelline Volum Express and thus far, am impressed with the results. but, nothing will replace my FNS
  6. that rocks! they should do that here cuz folks under 18 get shitfaced anyway....

  7. yum they sound good, and pfft the drinking age in new zealand is 18 wich rocks!

  8. Patron & Pineapple juice, or patron shots with lemon and salt or cabo wabo shots with lemon and salt..i would say you, but ur 18..tsk tsk

  9. so i read you like gettin on the piss, whats ya favorite drink?

  10. ur funny..hi back..lol

  11. hey im sam, you seem like a really fun person to get to know so i thought i say hi, so Hi lol.

  12. well, thank you...again, i appreciate it..it's nice to know that someone doesn't think i'm crazy ;)

  13. Well, it's the truth and I've been meaning to tell you that for a while. You are AWESOME!

  14. awwww!! thank you love!!!! i so appreciate that!!!

  15. Jai, you rock. I so agree with so much of what you say. Just wanted to share that with you. :-)