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  1. Yeah, a remarkable likeness. Eva looks perfect though because of airbrushing
  2. Hey, I just compared with your older pictures and there's a definite improvement... good job!
  3. AHAs increase your sun sensitivity for a while, and irritation is common when you first start use. Make sure you're also using a sunscreen, and increase use of the AHA gradually.
  4. Keep us updated... I'm curious because I first started having skin problems when I came off a bc pill several months ago... I'm still having some issues, though I'm not sure now whether it's because of some products I've started using since I had my first breakouts.
  5. Some people do break out in response to titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Sadly, while both are supposed to be more gentle (and are therefore used in baby sunscreen products), they may clog pores more.
  6. I have medium brown skin myself, and leftover dark marks... So far, I'm considering trying apple cider vinegar, some product containing retinol (like the neutrogena anti-wrinkle anti-blemish lotion), manual exfoliation with St. Ives or a similar scrub, a glycolic acid product like Neutrogena healthy skin face lotion... I dunno, trying to think of more stuff here Also, I highly recommend putting extra sunscreen on pimples as soon as they burst... I did that on a big pimple recently and the hyp
  7. This is fascinating - thanks for posting the pics so diligently, Sgt Pepper... looks like you're getting great results. Are you using sunscreen now? Also, it would be great if you'd post another pic in like a week or so, to see how the healing process finishes up.
  8. I'd recommend Papier Poudre, available on Amazon.com. The powder is noncomedogenic. My problem with the Clean and Clear sheets is that they contain mineral oil and propylene glycol, and there are some people who think these are skin irritants.
  9. The Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face lotion used to work great for me... now it just seems to break me out. I would say if your skin isn't really sensitive right now, then go for it...
  10. The "Great Urban Myth" marches on!! Bryan Is the "myth" the idea that overwashing causes the body to compensate by producing more sebum? I've heard such contradictory things on this subject... i.e. applying moisturizer decreases sebum because your skin "detects" the presence of moisture, or contrastingly, that the body pumps out a set amount of sebum no matter what, so nothing topical (except maybe retinoids) would have an effect... Hmm...
  11. I've been looking into anti-androgens for a while now, and here's my list: licorice root extract exercising a lot (higher testosterone while you exercise, baseline declines however) meditation / relaxation exercise (adrenal glands also make testosterone) nizoral Stuff with estrogenic effects: black cohosh soy anything else with isoflavones, like peanuts So i've been trying to incorporate these things in gradually.. we'll see how it goes!!
  12. Well, mine are 6 months ago to the present, and i'm expecting to wait at least 1 to 2 years for them to fade. if they don't fade by then, i'll look into laser treatment.
  13. Hey, yeah my skin gets hugely discolored when i apply bp, even though i put sunscreen on top of it, and then it takes days for the scaly, purple skin to recover. so i don't use bp. perhaps we're mildly allergic to it?
  14. hi there, good to hear you're having some success with your regimen! i may try some of that mandelic acid stuff soon... i don't really have an answer to your question, but i've pondered it myself - it IS difficult to tell whether a breakout is product-caused or purging-caused... i know i recently tried a retinol / glycolic acid containing product and it was definitely causing a breakout / purge of some sort, within one to two days... the larger issue is, will a purge-breakout in areas of you
  15. hey, AHAs tend to cause initial breakouts, like many other products. I actually had a similar experience with a product I used to tolerate just fine (Neutrogena Healthy Skin spf 15 with glycolic acid) and gave up on it because I didn't want to risk anything... But if you stick with it (and use a proper sunscreen, since AHAs increase your sun sensitivity) the benefits will be visible in a while.
  16. I used the Healthy Skin spf 15 lotion in the winter (before I had skin issues) with some success - it contains glycolic acid, so although there was a mild sting, it made my skin glow. Tried using it again post-skin issues, and it just irritates my skin. Maybe it's because there's a lot more sunlight now, so it makes me sensitive. Hmmm... Or maybe it's because my skin just isn't happy anymore and reacts to everything
  17. Yeah, had really good skin, went on Aviane for a short while, felt really depressed (like I had PMS all the time), came off it, broke out bad and am still dealing with skin issues 6 months down the road. But hey, I'm sure it helps clear up skin for a lot of people...
  18. I don't know if it's good for skin, but I notice it tends to open up my pores, allowing me to get junk out through exfoliation or some other way.
  19. Yeah, an 'excess' of testosterone can increase sebum production, causing breakouts. I'd issue a caution about going on birth control for acne, however - it can work great for many, but there are side effects (such as decreased libido), and once you come off it, the breakouts can return just as bad or worse, because your hormones tend to surge. My skin problems basically started AFTER I came off a birth control pill...
  20. Well, if the shower exfoliation is the new thing in your regimen, and your skin has been feeling tight for as long, maybe it's the problem. I have to say though, I tend to notice an improvement in my skin after I exfoliate - like the next morning, for example.
  21. I'm currently using Oil of Olay complete daily moisturizer with spf 15 and am not terribly thrilled with it, because it leaves my skin greasy, and the zinc oxide sunscreen might possibly be causing breakouts (but I don't want to stop using it just yet). Not sure if this will help you make a decision about the sensitive skin product.
  22. Hey, I started having acne problems after coming off the pill as well... Thing is, I have no desire to go back on it because the side effects were too strong... Plus if I came off it again, the skin problems would flare up again, I'm sure. But props to you for your resolve to stay on it
  23. InsanelyOily, Thanks so much for the extensive reply. I've been using an SA wash in the morning but will try using it towards the end of my nightly showers as well (or instead - have to fool around with that one). I'm also considering using this Neutrogena Healthy Skin moisturizer containing glycolic acid. I described this elsewhere, but I've currently got eight possible non-mutually-exclusive plans of actions as far as these oily, clogged pores go: 1. Exfoliate every couple of days with
  24. I also have worse issues on the left side of my face - I think it's also hormonal. Maybe a chance event during my embryological development caused more sex hormone receptors to accumulate on my left side. Plus that's also the side on which... shall we say... certain things are bigger...
  25. I have a similar issue, except at my temples... And they seem to be spreading... I'm seeing if drying out the little pustules helps... We'll see.