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  1. Hi Paul, I have recovered the posts of the last page also. Hopefully this should have recovered all the missing posts. Keep posting the broken links if you find further. Thanks.
  2. This post sounds great but I find the reality to be rather different... at least for the thread I flagged up. The posts are still missing? Hi Paul, Please check the posts again. They are recovered. It is not post-by-post fix. I have written some scripts to recover all those posts, but it could have some bug in some cases. Thus i would appreciate if you post broken links here whenever you find further. Regards,
  3. Hi Paul, I am taking a look at the link you mentioned above. I will keep you posted. Thanks for your co-operation.
  4. Hi nicmic62, Please take a look at your old replies to check whether they are still missing or not. I think I have recovered your replies. If not, let me know kindly. Thanks
  5. Hi Paul, Please post me links so that I can take a look. I'd love to fix them all. Thanks for your support. Regards,
  6. Hi Paul, Thanks for posting bugs/issues about this forum. I really appreciate. Can you please provide me with sample topic links with above issues? I'd love to fix them as quickly as possible. Regards,
  7. Above posts are now come back. Please let me know if you find another posts with missing content. Cheers!
  8. This is test status

  9. Hi, Can you please try to upload photos again? If problem still exists, just let me know. Thanks.
  10. Hi, Please try again now. If it still does not work, please let me know with information about what error message you are seeing while uploading. Thanks.
  11. Hey guys, Would you let me know if you have this problem in blog or forum post? Would you mind posting the web page link here? Thanks.
  12. Hi Manticore,Please try again. It should work fine now.Regards, Hi, Currently new IPBoard does not allow guests (not signed in users) to see member's Signature on forums. If you want that functionality, I can implement that. Regards,
  13. Hi guys, You have full control over email notifications of every activity (following members, posts, etc) You can change these notification settings by clicking Notification icon (bell icon) at the top and "Notification Settings" button. (or open the url directly : http://www.acne.org/messageboard/notifications/options/ ) Regards,