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  1. WasaMattaU

    Epiduo- 9 Weeks

    Hi Everyone, So I know that this log is kind of late in the game as I'm starting my documentation 9 weeks into my prescription but I thought I would give it a go to help my self-perception as well as to hear other peoples experience. Week 8 on Epiduo was probably my best week by far, while this last week has been a nightmare I've gone from having 1-3 nodular/cysts to my current 8 nodular/cysts over this course. I honestly believed my face was healing and getting better but in the last
  2. Not Sure How I Feel...

    I have been using this moisturizer in combo with Tactuo and quite honestly believed that the reason my face stung so much when I applied this on was due to the dryness of my face from the Tactuo. When I switched to a new moisturizer I realized the stinging was in part from the Cetaphil. On a sunny day if I'm going outside I will definitely use this as it noncomodogenic as well as having a built in sunscreen. When I'm staying inside though I would recommend a different moisturizer.
  3. WasaMattaU

    Accutane- Miracle Drug

    Accutane- Miracle Drug

    I've been on two courses of Accutane throughout my life. It has been the only thing that has consistently kept my face clear while I've been on it. The side-effects are a pain in the butt, especially the dryness of skin in almost every unpleasant place; however, I believe that it was worth it considering the mental effects acne has had upon myself. I found that it took around 2 months for Accutane to really deliver noticeable results, so try to stick it through it's worth it. Unfortunately for m
  4. Hi everyone, I've been following this site for years now but have finally decided to share my experience and hopefully hear from others who have gone or are currently going through the same thing. Like most people here I've had acne since I was 12 and its gone through stages from moderate to severe. A bit of my background: I'm a 22M who has gone through 2 courses of Accutane. In both cases my skin cleared up "thankfully" by the 2nd month mark and stayed clear until a good month or so aft