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  1. Similar situation as me, 23 yo male, I'm around 5 months into accutane now and it's worked wonders (I had moderate/severe acne including body acne that made me very self conscious about my appearance). Mine has literally cleared up completely and I've still got about 6 weeks left till I finish my course, the scars are healing up nicely as well as there's no new acne aggravating my skin. I started on 20mg, then 40mg on the second month, and 60mg from 3rd month till I finish, I'm quite skinny so 6
  2. M, 23yo. I'm around 5 months into my treatment now, and the tane has worked very well in clearing up the acne, I've had about 2 new spots on my back in the last 6 weeks and it's pretty much non-existent on my face. Anyway, onto the topic, before I started treatment I was well aware that hair loss can occur, however, I feel as if my hair grows a hell of a lot quicker on my face and head from before I started treatment. I have always naturally had stubble since around 18, but I noticed I'm having
  3. Hey it's been a while, I'm on day 31 I think, I missed a week as my prescription ran out, and my car broke down when i was suppose to see the derm who is only in on Fridays, hence I've only got my prescription today when it should have been last week. I've been bumped up to 60 mg now, at the moment got bout 4 red bumps on face but thats it (somewhat annoying but bearable), back is loads better but obviously a lot of marking left over. Just have to see how month 2 goes now
  4. Day 19 Dry skin is annoying, applying moisturiser all the time but it still dries out pretty quickly. Spots on face are almost non existent atm, but nose feels really tacky (can't think of any other way to describe it) because I think the blackheads are becoming raised. Body wise don't seem to be getting any more cysts and other marks are healing, so all in all going pretty well.
  5. I suppose because my acne started when I was a teenager, I assumed it would be a case of going through puberty and I'd grow out of it. From about 14-17 it was mild so it never bothered me enough to do much about it, then I turned 18 and it exploded all over my body, at that point I was on antibiotics for around 18 months which marginally improved it but nothing noticable. At around 20 my facial acne just started clearing up on its own and I thought my back would follow suit, but it never really
  6. Day 12 Spot have improved very well on face, just some slight marks from left over acne. Back has improved marginally but I am obviously expecting it to take longer for spots to disappear. Skin is dry but being handled well by regularly applying Cetaphil moisturiser, only annoyance is lip split today from dryness so obviously need to apply vaseline more often. Bar that, everything is going well, will see how things continue.
  7. One week down, dry skins taking a hold now, lots of flakiness in t-zone, one massive cyst in between eyes but other spots and marks are looking better. Spots on shoulder and back are drying up as well so hopefully they are on the way to improving. Anyone recommend a good body wash to use in the shower to help with the dry skin, got some cetaphil moisturiser, but could do with something for when i wash.
  8. I've just started my first accutane course 4 days ago, and my derm told me already there is a good chance I may have to do a second course further down the line. Generally, as a rule, he told me 2 is the magic number when it comes to clearing acne on accutane. I've read other peoples logs on doing two courses, and generally they say, the second course is similar to the first course, except the side effects, IB etc usually aren't as bad (it may just be a case of those people know what they've alr
  9. Day 4 Think the IB is coming on though fortunately it is only on my back/shoulders and not the face, noticed about 7 yellow pimples in shower I'm dying to pop but leaving for now. No particular dryness as of yet, and generally feeling good for the time being, roll on the weekend
  10. Hey there everyone, a quick introduction, 22 year old male living in Manchester, UK, 62 kg, 6 foot tall. Suffered with acne for around 8 years, face and body acne, getting particularly bad when I was 18/19, I would have classed it as very severe on all fronts. Over the past three years my acne has significantly improved on its own, but not quite to the same extent on my back/shoulders as my face (I'd say face is mild acne, body is moderately severe). I have 'stalked' the forums for a while build
  11. I know this is a very late reply but i've only just joined, but I've literally just started my accutane course and was going to ask the same thing. I'm 3 days in and I've already noticed I get very bloated about an hour after each dose (I'm starting on 30mg/day). It does seem to subside, as it just seems to be a case of being gassy, for lack of a better phrase, but I can be a bit of a hypochondriac though. I was a bit concerned because some of the side effect labels say this is serious but other