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  1. Would you recommend any shampoos or a body wash? I can't really find any shampoo or body wash with a specific medication in the market
  2. Hi. Just wanted to post an update on my skin. I have been using the lamisil for about a week now and I did see difference on the first couple of days but my acne is still flaring up. It doesn't stop coming. I am using head and shoulders for my hair and body wash and using a clean towel. For my face i stopped using my moisturizer but my skin gets super dry after I wash my face but i need some type of moisturizer to soothe my skin from being dry and flaky. Do you think I should change something fo
  3. Thank you i'll try all these products and will get back to you in about a week. I have never been into birth pills but I did take medication for acne probably about 6years ago but i'm in no medication rn. I try to take supplements the L-Lyserene sometimes and i'm completely dairy free, I feel like I have hormal acne and cutting dairy has helped me quite a bit. I am very prone to breaking out around my monthly cycle, face gets super oily. I just noticed that the moisutrizer I use which is K
  4. Hi. Thank you so much for your response. I am in no medication at the moment and I haven't even been to the dermatologist. Yes I do have a lot of dandruff which I never had before, everytime I itch dandruff falls off. I can't explain how my skin is. It gets dry right after I wash my face if I dont use moisutrizer but after I do I get oily in couple of hours. Even after I shower in within an hour my body starts to itch which gets very frustrating sometimes. And I dont think I have a white tongue.
  5. I have had acne for almost 9 years. It started from my face and went down to my back and chest. I dont even remember when I had that perfect skin. My face cleared up alot from what it was 5 years ago but my body never did. I didnt really deal with chest acne 5years ago but now it gets worse every single day. It first started around my cleavage but now its spreading everywhere. Its very itchy and looks disgusting. I have never worn open back or front clothes because of this. I take shower every d