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  1. i start in two more dayy uhhhh i cantt !!!!!!!

    but i been waiting like my hole life for clear skin soo i geuss two more days wont hert let me know how it goes for you

  2. Hi Sarah! Just read that you are back on. Hope things are going well for you and you are seeing results that you like! How are things? I've moved to Detroit - been here for nearly four months - miss home terribly! New news: Jamie and I are engaged! He asked me last October! We will be getting married this October back home. Let me know what is new with you! xoxo Katy
  3. 5 Months (to the day) Post Accutane Wanted to update. My skin is smooth smooth smooth! Throughout my course on Accutane I was extremely sensitive to the sun, and my face flushed (redness) very often. Since summer has started I have not had any sun sensitivity issues, and the flushing only occurs when it's very hot, a little when I'm embarrassed/nervous, and especially while running/working out. Overall I am tremendously happy with the results and couldn't be any more pleased. Family, friends, a
  4. 4 days post-Accutane I was going to wait at least a week, but I'm too excited to wait. I have already noticed a HUGE improvement in the lessening of the redness in my face since stopping the med!! Call me crazy, but it the flushing has minimized in my opinion. I hope this is a good sign that the redness it was only something to worry about while on the drug. So for those who have been concerned as well, look forward to completing the drug and hopefully a red-free face!!
  5. Day 144 ACCUTANE COMPLETED TODAY! Today is my 144th day on Accutane. I have decided to stop taking the drug 6 days early. I feel I have (by far) met my cumulative dose that I have calculated from other places in the forums. If I continue to take it I will go over my dose. I did not ask my derm if this was OK, but she never listens to my concerns anyway so big deal. I began to have really bad dryness on my cheeks two days ago and its getting worse. Inside my nose is cracked and sore and bleedi
  6. Day 140 93% Complete I am truly stunned that I am 10 days away from completing this love-hate drug. It has gone by both turtle speed slow and rabbit speed fast. For the last month I have had a tally sheet counting down the days - as though I am an inmate scratching my way to victory on the walls of a jail sell. Ha! The redness is still here - hopefully not to stay, because it seems to have made itself quite comfy and I hate it!! I have two major complaints : My lips are what Jamie an
  7. I'm sure you are frustrated, seeing that this is your second course on Accutane. I'm curious to see how you're skin will react to going off the meds while in IB stage. I know it's terrible - agonizing - to be in public and face people when you feel like a monster. But honestly, even my very best friends, who sat and listened while I cried over my skin have a difficult time remembering what my skin looked like before tane, let alone my IB. (I didn't really have a bad IB). What I'm trying to say i
  8. Day 132 88% Complete Quick Update: The active above my left nostril that I mentioned two days ago was terrible. Miserable. Later that night it became so swollen that it hurt to barely move my nose. I could not even blow it because it hurt so terribly to touch it. I tried using a warm compress but it was too painful and felt as though it was accomplishing very little. So I tried the old household myth of putting a potato slice on it. Now let me say that I typically think those types of "tric
  9. Hi Sarah! It's been a few months and I wanted to check in to see how things are progressing with you!! You must be finished by now. How are you adjusting to no medicine in your system? I still have 20 days to go. My derm was horrible about messing up labs and prescriptions. But I'm nearly finished. How is your flushing after discontinuing Accutane? Has it faded a little? Mine is still terrible! My cheeks get so red and very hot to the touch. Like you said any temp/emotion change I am bright re
  10. Congrats on completing Charlee!! How exciting! I still have 20 more days because my Dr. messed up my labs and prescriptions so much that I ended up waiting so long!! I am also see-through!! I hate it! Let me know how you react to the sun/tanning after 8 weeks. I'm dying to have color again! xoxo Katy
  11. Day 130 86% Complete! I'm shocked that my 130th day has arrived. That means I have 20 more days until I FINALLY complete taking the med. Taking Accutane is one of the greatest choices I have made. My skin tone is even, and it is not bumpy anymore. I am still unhappy with the redness of my face, but I'm hoping this will gradually fade as I go off of the medicine. It's so bad that when I work out, random people have said, "You must have a great workout! Your face is sooo red!!" and if I forget a
  12. Hope all is well! It's been a while since I've checkin in with you. Winter break is crazy! Anyway my skin has been getting dry as well but not nearly as flaky. I suggest keeping your face moisturizer near your shower or wherever you will see it first thing out of a warm shower when your skin is still moist. I put it on right after I dry off and rarely have dryness problems. Hope that helps, and hope all is well with you! xoxo
  13. I had the exact same feeling. I didn't feel my self at all, in fact I felt odd and really tired. It will subside, but for me it lasted during the first few weeks. Good luck to you!!
  14. CONGRATULATIONS on successfully completeing Accutane sweetie! I'm soooo proud of you!! It wasn't easy but you look fantastic as I've always thought you have. I love you so much! xoxo PS: Who will be my reminder buddy now that you are through? xoxo
  15. Day 100 66% Complete! (Feels good to say 100 days!!!) Everything is great - all is going well! No blemishes. Only marks are from the places Tippy has bitten or scratched me on my face. Not so pretty with long red claw marks on my forehead... However I did not realize how sensitive my skin was until my dog scratched it. Obviously it would hurt, but the discomfort was greater and lasted much longer. Just something I noticed. Anyway the most bothersome part of Accutane thus far has been the