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  1. I've been using Dans 2.5% BP.
  2. So..I have a pimple on on my nose..I'm a little worried since its been there for nearly a month w/o coming into a head. Should I spot treat with BP? I've been icing it to help with the inflammation, but i don't know if its helping at all.
  3. So I have a healing pimple, should i still apply BP on it? other products? or should i just leave it alone?
  4. mmm..i have long hair also and dont know if my hair is the cause of my forehead acne..hmmm..shyt
  5. Well the regimen worked for the 1st couple weeks, but after about 2 months, i've gotten breakout after breakout and its realllllll frustrating and im doing the regimen just right..(
  6. can i use it with BP? and tracy, did u use any other products with mandelic serum? how much improvement did u see?
  7. my current regimen in the morning - cleanse with cetaphil -then 2.5 BP -then moisturize w/ neutrogena At night -Shower, cleanse -then 2.5 BP -then mositurize how should i add MA to my regimen? and should i just let it peel or add a moisturizer?
  8. my acne is finally going away with only a couple of pimples on my forehead now..but i have hundreds of red/browns marks left over from my acne..sighh..
  9. does my face itch for a long period right after i apply 2.5% BP? is this normal?