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  1. maybe there's also benefits in smearing shit on your face, an acne crap mask!
  2. yea bp is no good for your scalp or hair. I recommend you try some tea tree oil, either a good shampoo or add a coupe teasoons of teatree oil to a bottle of shampoo and mix it well. Tea tree oil makes your scalp feel real good.
  3. I'm on my seconds perfect complexion tca complex peel. After my first one I noticed what kind of looked like a scar I didn't think I had, or one shallow one that became more noticable from the peel. Has anyone had an experience where they finished peeling and saw new slight scarring?
  4. Well to me, any person that doesn't really need accutane shouldn't be taking it and risking the bad side effects it can have.
  5. Asking your doctor about the specific allergy medicine and it's interactions with accutane is best, but check here at http://www.drugdigest.com/DD/Interaction/ChooseDrugs and see if your allergy medicine is listed, then check it's interactions with accutane.
  6. Personally the face is my concern, and I would happily transfer all the acne I've had to my back hehe. Mino is what I'm on now and I think it helps. I was on tetricycline years prior to mino. I would say to start with tetri if you've never use antibiotics for your skin, it may be all you need and mino is stronger. Mino is usually more effective on cystic type acne and that's why I was switched to mino.
  7. Well it's both for me, I'm prescribed to take 1 pill every 12 hours.
  8. I don't think so, but I know smoking isn't great for your skin in general.
  9. Ok, there's no reason to get all riled up over someone's opinion on a dangerous drug. It's got such bad side effects, such dangererous possibilities to treat something that isn't as seriously threatening to your health as the drug is. Jive with it or not, my opinion on accutane for anyone is stay the hell away from it, and especially if you have depression in your life.
  10. Well myth or not, don't pass up some good sex because you're struggling with acne! haha
  11. Guess you'd call what I used a cream. They're tubes of white paste.
  12. Antibiotics' effectiveness for clearing acne will wear off for people, it's unfortunate. I started with tetracycline and that's effectiveness wore off for me after a while. I was put on mino a few months ago and it still seems to be helping me, knock on wood. Good luck, just do not go on accutane.
  13. Speaking only from my personal experience here. I was also prescribed Taz once. I used the directed amount on my acne mostly cystic. All the breakouts I applied Taz to took much longer to really heal after drying up and left longer lasting red marks. SOme of those red marks are still very much there today, while worse breakouts I didn't apply Taz to faded faster after healing. I do blame this on the Taz, so I actually have like 10 unopened tubes of Tazorac.