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    me every now and then...
  2. helpme0505

    Suggest A Moisturizer

    I've been on the regimen for a long time... it works pretty well, I only get a zit now and then about once a month, probably for not showering... anyways I've been using Eucerin Dry skin relief cream.. (not the face cream) it works well, keeps my face hydrated but on the downside my face is always shiny... so I've used Olay complete plus today and my face looks great, it doesn't look dry or shiny or flaky.... I've used it before and it made my face very dry after using it day and night.. I'm gon
  3. helpme0505

    Eucerin on blushing buyer

    ok so I ordered 15 Eucerin dry skin relief face creams with 5% urea a couple of weeks ago.. and now I got them... but they sent me Eucering dry skin relief cream with 5% urea.. not the face cream... I went to that website today and noticed that they put up the Eucerin face cream with 5%urea picture up for both of the eucerins and when you do a search for the cream the first one that pops up is the eucerin cream which is not a face cream but with the same picture... so just warning you guys... a
  4. Hi, so if anyone is interested in buying Eucerin Dry skin relief cream with 5% urea at blushingbuyer.co.uk just enter this code and you'll get 5% off ACTFORUM5, by the way if you like in the UK, shipping is free on orders over £40, and if you spend over £60 you get 5% extra off or if you spend over 120, you get an extra 7.5% off, which is pretty cool I don't live in the UK, so I paid the shipping.. I bought 15 creams for £120.43 (all discounts included in that), which is pretty good com
  5. helpme0505

    eucerin dry skin relief face cream

    just thought I'd post back... ok... so I'm currently using this... but the thing is that you have to put like a small amount on the whole face.. cause I once tryed putting a kind of thumb size amount and my whole face was red and itchy and I had to wash it off and start again.. so anyone experience with this... is that supposed to happen... but anyways now is all good 3 days using this so far.
  6. helpme0505

    Can sweating cause more acne

    I exercise all the time.. and it doesn't cause any breakouts... but I was wondering... what if you sweat a lot and then you don't wipe your face off.. and you let it dry.. would that cause acne.. cause sometimes I sweat a lot, but I'm not done with the workout so I sit for about 10 mins or so and the sweat dries on my face.... thanks
  7. I've seen on other threads that it would be better to use the Neutrogena with AHA at nights, and a different moisturizer for the day because the AHA tends to dry out the face really bad.... I've used the Neutrogena with AHA for 2 days and I felt like a rock and all wrinkly,... I've switched to Cetaphil lotion cause I feel I don't need the AHA.., .and I am currently waiting for Eucerin Dry Skin relief face lotion. cause I heard that it's pretty good also and doesn't make your skin oily or dry ou
  8. thanks Dan, I've been using your BP gel and it's great, I am looking forward to this cleanser I just bought it today.. your awesome
  9. helpme0505

    Dan I have a question about CSR

    I just bought this today 4 tubes of BP gel 34.00 2 CSR Gentle cleanser 19.00 Shipping and handling 15.11 Total 68.11
  10. after I saw how there we're actual real people in here forums.. etc... talking about stuff like acne... plus the rating the products, and reading all the stuff Dan wrote... I love this regimen.. it works.. it really works...
  11. helpme0505

    gently patting, no popping..........

    I heard that the mineral stuff sucks.. I use Max Factor and it's pretty good also I would like to add, don't use make up where you don't need it... your supposed to use make up to enhance the face, not to cover it up... so just think about where your putting all that stuff... P.S. I only use a little concealer under the eyes and nose... and the rest is just some maybelline eye make up.. and I do not use make up on the cheeks cause I just don't need any there.. I think
  12. helpme0505

    eucerin dry skin relief face cream

    where was the cheapest site where you can find this stuff.. I bought it from the ukpharmacy and it's around 31 dollars for 2...
  13. helpme0505

    eucerin dry skin relief face cream

    I don't care about the spf.... I heard it makes the face shiny and besides I can wear a hat outside
  14. helpme0505

    eucerin dry skin relief face cream

    thanks for all the good comments, now I'm really looking forward to this, I had been on the neutrogena with AHA moisturizer, and I feel like a rock, well at least my face does, I'm all dry and wrinkly and reddish... I still have a little Eucerin skin renewal left... I'll use that and hopefully it'll last until the other stuff comes
  15. I just bought this online, I am waiting for it, so are there any good comments out there, is this less shiny than the eucerin skin renewal lotion.. and please tell me that it doesn't dry out the skin, thanks