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  1. hi all. unfortunately my skin still looks very similar (if you look at my latest posts you'll see.) the redness has gone down slightly, but I still get terrible flushing which I never had before I took accutane. With certain food, drinks, change in temperature etc I go bright red. but all of the tiny holes are still there and I get mixed responses as to whether they are pores or tiny scars which is frustrating. Am seeing another dermatologist as the one I was originally with who put me on roa
  2. these are the scars/pores I would want treated
  3. Hi all So I have loads of really tiny scarred pores (some of them are actual pores but most of them scarred) and also lots of teeny tiny box scars. How small of a scar can TCA Cross treat? I've heard it is great for small scars and even really good to treat big pores, but I can't see how a dermatologist (I'd want to get it done professionally- way too scared to do it myself!) would actually get into them as they are so small. I know most people use things toothpick size but are their implemen
  4. urgh my dermatologist has told me twice now that they are scars but everyone else (makeup artists, people on forums and fb groups etc) say they are pores. I really think he must be wrong about them being scars. I would actually prefer they were scars as they can eventually be sorted out but there is no cure for big pores
  5. Can anyone tell me if they think the tiny holes all over my face are pores or scars?
  6. Can anyone tell me if they think the tiny holes all over my face are pores or scars?
  7. hi all can anyone tell me if these little dots under my eyes are milia? if not, what is causing this horrible texture? thanks.
  8. oh wow sorry to hear that. this was done at a private practice run by my dermatologist so i did have full trust in her. just not sure why this treatment was so much less aggressive!
  9. Hi everyone So I had my first dermapen treatment about 10 weeks ago and also had TCA Cross at the time. The whole thing was really painful and my face was completely covered in blood. It took about 4 days for my face to look normal again once all the peeling and redness went away. Yesterday I had my 2nd treatment. It was done by a nurse this time not the actual dermatologist as he is away until August. This time there was hardly any pain, hardly any blood, m y face was red at first but now 2
  10. hi all I know with accutane you have to wait a minimum of 6 months after treatment to get any laser type treatment, is it the same for doxy? i have mild acne but most of it is rosacea-acne which I hear is best treated by doxy. i am seeing a derm in 2 weeks but just wanted to get some idea before going. I know i definitely want laser at some point for the permanent redness/blood vessels etc.
  11. thanks for the replies This breakout has just happened in the past week or so, so just a few weeks since I've been off accutane!! It's a good idea to see if it will pass before deciding whether or not to go back on accutane. I definitely want laser at some point and know I need to wait for 6months minimum, I guess I just need to work out if the acne or the rosacea is the most important part to tackle
  12. sorry everyone rant time! So I went on roaccutane in August 2014 for my acne-rosacea. Started off 20mg a day, went up to 30mg but only for about 6 weeks then back down to 20mg. I came off it at the end of April 2015 and my skin looked great...no acne at all! I still was getting redness of course but the actual acne had gone. I also have rosacea and so my plan was to wait 6months and get laser treatment for a few areas of my face that are permanently red, which my derm agreed would be a good ide