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  1. I never did any parasite cleansing. I know there are so many different opinions on it, but some people think you should deal with your bowels and liver first, and THEN possibly do parasite cleansing if you have symptoms that warrant it. Liver flushing can actually get rid of some parasites as well. i'v heard that without an adequate parasite cleansing it becomes more difficult for the stones to come out. and that comes with soreness too.
  2. hey i was wondering how long do you prepare for the flush? i mean how long do you eat parasite killing nutrients. because i have been eating pomegrante, cabbage and grape juice for 4 days now. should i continue? what do you think? i am so happy for your results it is making me more excited for my first flush!
  3. YES. it does. i have personal experience. my first year in college i gained freshman 15 and felt so uncomfortable i started binging and purging. So gross i know. and my skin went rampant. it was so bad. i think it is because it confuses the body and steals all of the nutrients and vitamins. i am really happy that you are overcoming this. good for you. and good luck.
  4. Hey guys I was taking accutane for a couple of weeks, and got some severe side effects (swelling, chest pain, joint pain, etc) so i took myself off of them, now my face is swelling like a balloon and covered with new cysts in places i never had before..*sigh. i decided that i must make some health/diet changes because it seems that would be the only thing that will work for me. so since you all seem like experts can you guys give me some advice, perhaps suggestions or changes tow aht i am doing
  5. how long did it take for the results to come with vitamin b complex?
  6. Hey I am not just saying this to make you feel better for the moment. it is the truth. I particularly find guys with acne scars pretty attractive and I am sure there are alot of other girls out there too. I don't know why. I think it makes boys look more rugged. Its hot! so approach the girls! I mean I look for personality more than anything. Gluck. : )
  7. Im sorry to hear about that. It happens. Your mom was probably just wanting to find a quick and most effective way to help your skin. She most likely said those things because she wanted to help you out because she probably knows that having acne is hard to deal with. My mom is always trying to check my face and tells me to come into the sunlight to get a better look of the scars etc, and it bothers me once in a while, but i try to look at it as simply as an act of maternal love. Moms are like t
  8. i was studying in S. korea. it was raining constantly. never in 90 years was there so much rain. alot of ppl's businesses and homes were destroyed. the elderly who didn't know how to swim drowned. it was so horrible.
  9. that really bites. im sorry to hear that. i went through that "i want to die now" phase, and honestly it is not worth it. i really that negative thinking and stress makes me break out even more. i don't know if that is the case for you, but why not try to revert all of that negative energy and channel to fixing the problem. you accidentally made your hair green, re-dye it. black is a really strong color so it will definitely hide the green hair. and i don't know why but i think dark green hair i
  10. who me? You don't wanna be talking shit about me cause i'm batman and i might have to mistake your ass for the joker haha.
  11. For those who helped me get through studying abroad, thanks my friends! My skin is in the worst condition, but i will get some help and get better. I just wanted to let you guys know that i am back home and god life is so good. i missed the sun so much. i love california!
  12. it seems really weird that your girlfriend left you like that. maybe, there was some miscommunication going on... if there wasn't, then it seems like your girl is pretty shallow and undeserving of your attention. it might be tough to go through accutane alone but you know what! you don't need your girlfriend to go through it. sure, it might get lonely but why not use that time to explore yourself. maybe you could concentrate on other activities such as exercise, (this could be really beneficial
  13. couldn't have said it any better. if the makeup makes you feel better, continue to use it. And your coworker seems pretty arrogant to have said such an unnecessary hurtful joke. screw her because she obviously gets high off bringing ppl down. she doesn't deserve your attention. i think you should concentrate on your work, don't let this comment change yourself or make you unhappy, because nothing should compromise your happiness. ( i recently learned this too) continue to do a kick ass job at
  14. keep it up. i need more positive ppl like you in my life.
  15. haha you are a funny guy i am really sorry to hear about that kat. you will make it up. or maybe you could take some time off now. is your skin better? my mistake, i was exaggerating i don't think i have clinical depression if i did i would probably have situatiional depression. youre right. haha i even took AP psychology and got an A in that class. im such a dork.