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  1. I have a 22 year history with acne. Honestly, I can barely stand the word anymore. I have done and/or tried everything that I can think of except try The Regimen by Acne.org.
  2. tkell

    It All Started When

    I believe I've taken every medication that Dermatology feels is beneficial for acne prone skin. I have also had various treatments (participated in a levulan/IPL trial), and have taken and still take multiple supplements. Today I feel that my skin is beginning to change/heal. I started the acne.org regimen on 10-11-14 and though I had a very rough week and a half not long ago, I think it has passed. Breakouts are less severe. I am going to continue using The Regimen with hope it truly gives
  3. My acne started shortly after having my first daughter. Before pregnancy I was perfectly clear and had flawless skin. I am sure anyone who has had a similar experience understands how upsetting a change like that can be. Beautiful clear healthy skin to red, painful, irritated, inflamed skin. Now it is 22 years later and I still suffer from acne. The emotional damage is just as bad as the physical damage. In my experience I have allowed my acne to define the women that I am in many ways. C
  4. I didn't notice any eye sensitivity in the first wekk and a half of using the BP. The (sting like I'm cutting a strong onion) sensation is new. I'm just glad it doesn't last and goes away fairly quickly now. I am even more careful now with each application. Hmmm.... I think I'm going to try alternating between two moisturizers for a little while and see what happens. When I use The Regimen moisturizer my face becomes darker red as time goes by. Oh and yes the mild/moderate sunburn appe
  5. I bet I am one of many people who will say that they have tried almost everything to clear their acne including supplements, prescriptions, products and treatments. So, I started The Regimen on the evening of 10-11-14. I am following the instructions exactly as stated. I can honestly say that the cystic and standard acne has dramatically decreased and any new acne seems come and go much quicker than before. However, I am experiencing some discomfort other than being dry and mildly peelin
  6. Hi there. I am 39, female and am still struggling with terrible acne. Or at least I think it's terrible. To me my face does not look much different than yours and I don't think it's worth wanting to end your life over. However I don't see you as you see yourself. If we could only see ourselves through someone elses eyes I bet we would both feel very differently. I feel so many negative emotions which are mostly related to how I look. Ugly, discusting, and even worthless at times. I have