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  1. I see your bag of Doritos and raise you an entire small cheese pizza from Domino's and two Cherry Cokes! I did this last night and my skin didn't even wait until today to pay me back. I washed up really good and put some BP (which I haven't used in FOREVER) on the spots that were coming up and fortunately I'm starting to look a little better already. Oily, but not as badly broken out as I'd feared. I also have been eating super healthy, and I think that if you've been doing so for long enoug
  2. I also use Dr Bronner's Tea Tree Oil soap and follow up with jojoba oil. So far I like the combination very much. I would not suggest using the bar as a lot of people find it more drying. I know for my skin even the liquid is a tad more drying than I'd like. I got around the problem of watery soap by dumping out the last bit of Neutrogena Acne Stress Control foaming cleanser and refilling the foaming dispenser bottle with about 1/5 Dr Bronner's and the rest tap water that I had first boiled
  3. Jen and Tonic


    smoothies and other culinary experiments
  4. I've tried frozen raspberries and found they didn't really cover up the color enough- in fact they sometimes made it a gross purpley green. I find the bright green color That's why I was thinking coca powder is a brilliant idea... I just didn't want to waste nicer fruits like mango by covering them up with cocoa powder... we tend to battle over mangoes in this family! And I know raspberry goes amazingly with chocolate so I definitely will pick some up again first chance I get. Come to think
  5. I'd like to remind everyone that while green smoothies are delicious and good for you, they are NOT good for your carpet, clothes, bedlinens or draperies. Keep a tight lid on your smoothie if you set it down for a few minutes, especially if you have animals, small children, coworkers who behave like animals or small children... or if you are just clumsy, like me.
  6. Hey ABG Fairy, thank you soooooooooo much for starting this thread and keeping it going for so long! I've been doing the green smoothies for a little over a week, and two days in I noticed a remarkable improvement in my skin. I haven't completely stopped breaking out (damn hormones!) but the overall condition of my skin is nice again, making it much easier to hide the few breakouts I do still get. Also my eyes are clearer and my puffy dark circles have virtually disappeared. I think I must b
  7. Not great, right now, but could be worse. And my diet definitely does affect my skin. The last few days I've had a few too many cookies and not enough fruits and veggies so my current breakout isn't shocking... but this is a chronic problem for me, getting increasingly worse over the past 10 years. The clearest I've ever been was about a year and a half ago when I was super depressed and did nothing but sleep for a month, occasionally leaving my room to eat an orange or some shredded wheat ce
  8. I have decided to stop taking Yaz as I have to pay $50 a month for it and in the long term I have seen it help my skin but not totally. I'm still having difficulty with hormonal acne along my chin and jawline. Recently I've even started breaking out in the middle of my cheeks. So, as I would prefer not to be loading synthetic hormones into my body anyway, and they aren't proving cost-effective, I'm quitting. I have two more days of active pills before my hormones go haywire again! I am NOT
  9. Just wanted to add my $.02! I've had my Zeno for almost 3 weeks now. I think I'm going to keep it. On the right kind of bump, it can work miracles. I use it on bumps that I can feel coming that I know are going to be big and/or inflamed. I don't get actual cysts, but am prone to papules and those fairly deep cyst-like bumps (small nodules, I guess) on my chin. They often hurt and I can't help picking at them a bit. So far this has worked on all the bumps up until that time of the month ju
  10. I would give the Yasmin a couple of months to work. It was by far my favorite pill, and I'm now on Yaz because for some reason it's a bit cheaper with my new insurance (and my gyn gave me free samples!). When I came OFF of Yasmin my skin got progressively worse. That steady dose of estrogen and drsp really does wonders to give you glowy, less oily skin. I found that tri-phasic pills were a nightmare for me and did nothing to help my skin, because the levels of hormones were still changing.
  11. I don't know whether this has been posted before, but there is a list online that rates many common ingredients in terms of comedogenicity and irritancy. Many of these chemicals are used in products that claim to treat acne, and could in fact be causing acne and irritation. So grab all your products and check the ingedients against this list! If your acne is mild but persistent, all those OTC treatments, or even more likely a "non-comedogenic" make-up, could very well be the cause. [post=htt
  12. Found it! homemade tend skin: solution 1: 18 tablets uncoated aspirin, crushed 5 oz. rubbing alcohol combine. solution 2: 8 tablets uncoated aspirin, crushed 2.5 oz. witch hazel combine. combine the two solutions. the aspirin will settle a bit, so shake it before use. apply to the bikini area to prevent ingrowns. it can also be used to spot treat blemishes. (aspirin is acetic and salicylic acids.) Oh, and if you ever have your chest waxed again, or decide to remove hair on any other part of
  13. You need Tend Skin! It's a rather expensive formula, but it gets rave reviews all over the internet. I have actually only used the homemade version because I am dirt poor right now, but it works pretty well! The real stuff is supposedly much better because it doesn't over-dry like the homemade version sometimes does, so if you can afford it then go with that. If you'd like to try making the homemade version, I'll post that as soon as I can find the recipe. Anyway, from my experience using
  14. I am using the scrub, and I love it so much I plan to go buy the whole line of products as soon as I get my paycheck. It leaves my skin feeling really deep down to the pores clean without over drying, and best of all it helps with redness! This is not saying that it will help completely erase red marks, but it does not exacerbate them as every other scrub does, and it does seem to actually soothe my skin. I have recently stopped taking Yasmin because I don't have insurance, and my skin has be
  15. I am a big fan of PF mineral wear powder. I believe it also comes in a "bronzer" shade, for those of you who are looking for a talc-free bronzer.