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  1. I have one raised scar which I’ve highlighted here. I’m clear on how to treat the other scars on my face. Subscision, Tca cross, acid peel etc but not sure what to do about this one. I put a silicone gel topical on it for a couple days which only seemed to make it worse.
  2. Thanks all for the info. I decided not to go ahead with filler right away. @ihateacnesomuch123 Did you find a better doc to go to in Toronto area? One that does subscision?
  3. Edit Link: Solomon Facial Plastic Quoted me about 5 syringes for bellafilling scars around whole face .. about $4k plus tax lol I have a mix of scar types..the main one that bothers me is a deep rolling scar.. so i think i may just get the one syringe for that, which is about 1000 bucks. anyways.. just want to hear what thoughts are on this.. pic of scar is below. https://imgur.com/a/h6ykd Another question I have is will weight loss affect how the treatment looks? Ive lost about 40 lbs
  4. Couple of questions for those taking Zinc - I usually take 50 mg of zinc gluconate / daily. My question is, is zinc gluconate better than zinc sulphate? I remember reading that ZO is more readily absorbed in the body. I researched a bit but couldn't find anything definitive. I've also noticed a lot of people (commenting on the Zinc reviews, under the treatment reviews portion of the site) take 100 mg daily of zinc. I was always under the impression that taking >50 mg zinc was a bit dangerous
  5. I'm trying to find food to eat, and i was wodnering about kraft's "natural" peanut butter. only ingredient listed on the packet is 100% roasted peanuts..or something of the sort. http://www.kraftcanada.com/en/Products/J-L...anutButter.aspx yay or nay for acne? the smooth peanut butter (the regular green kind they sell) breaks me out like a bitch every time i eat it.
  6. having had acne, oily skin, and oily hair for so long, i've been doing research over the past while into how to get rid of it. my acne isn't so bad anymore, but the oily skin and oily hair piss me off lol. i've also noticed that my hair has thinned quite a bit...there is no occurence of this on either side of my family at such a young age. my theory is that my androgens are whack, too much testosterone converted to DHT...the cause for both the oily skin and the hair thinning. i found this websit
  7. question, have you guys read about the whole acv destroying tooth enamel thing? how do you overcome that?
  8. is whole wheat pasta/bread better/acceptable than the white stuff?
  9. any one have a link to clinical studies showing green tea = higher shbg?
  10. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1849681...Pubmed_RVDocSum found this on Pubmed not sure if this was posted here arleady but it cud have been. basically suggests that low sugar intake coudl mean low acne...so basically what some posters here already know. one thing interesting i found was that SHBG was found to be low in the high GI people. low shbg = acne..and, i'm a drinker of green tea (decaf) for acne purposes. apparently (tho ihave not found any studies in my very brief attempts at res
  11. hi guys i'm curious to see what you guys think and if you have have tried out any of these new nivea products: http://www.nivea.com/products/show/18617 some specific ones im wondering about are: in "young care" - the control shine! gel cream in mixed to oily skin --> essential care --> mattying day gel or w.e lol i have pretty oily skin..bu have stopped my breakouts for the most part. i've used a product by garnier that did something similar in the past but it did not work for too l
  12. I use 5-6 whole eggs w/ yolks, and no it is not too much for most people. Cholesterol from food is not even the biggest contributor to cholesterol in the blood, and it doesn't go straight to your arteries either. Unless you are predisposed to high cholesterol, eating that many eggs is perfectly fine. cool, thanks for the info. what is the biggest contributor, then?
  13. question about the 5 eggs - do you leave the yolk's in? isn't that a bit too much cholesterol?
  14. For those of you that drink flaxseed oil for acne...I started using this a while ago and I'm pretty sure its working for me. But I find that if I take too much at once, or if I tkae it on an empty stomach...i feel tired/get headaches. I sleep a lot longer, and I have dreasm that feel a lot more realistic/memorable. Anyway..i'm wondering. how much do u guys take/how do u take it? my flaxseed oil has 2.5 grams of omega 3 in 5 ml. I'm planning on taking 3 dosages of 5 ml (total 7.5 grams omega 3
  15. what product do u use to scrub/exfoliate> i have a few stubborn closed comedones that won't budge.