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  1. Gbdavidx --- Hi there, I have red marks and scars, but they are very superficial. When my skin is clear (no breakouts) I don't even think twice about the red marks and scars b/c I can make my skin look good with makeup. So the main reason I started w/ the Alpha Hydrox is to help more with my acne than my red marks and scars. My skin has always responded well to AHAs and the one I was previously using was very light. And I was getting more pimples than usual. So I thought if I added a strong
  2. I actually started using 10% PersaGel at night while still using 2.5% in the day. At some point this summer, the 2.5% just started to feel like it wasn't working anymore --- and I was SO oily! Whereas when I first started the regimen, the 2.5% dried the oil right up. Now, it seems like it kinda stopped helping after a while. Plus, I've been breaking out more too. So now I'm using the 10% at night. My oilness is down and hopefully I will get less zits too.
  3. My big pimple is finally starting to go away. I'm not sure if the Alpha Hydrox brought it to the surface or not, but I've stuck with the Alpha Hydrox. It's been two weeks now. My skin is definitely smoother. Although I don't know how much it helps breakout b/c I've been staring at this zit the last few days. My plan is to keep up with the alpha hydrox for one month---then I should be able to see if it has helped. I've done a lot of research on glycolic and purging is quite normal, so finge
  4. Not too happy today A bump I've had for a while has surfaced and it is a big cyst like pimple. UGH! I don't know whether it is from the Alpha Hydrox or not but I am very discouraged. I'm going to use Zeno on it to see if it will go down a little.
  5. Congrats! Keep up the regimen! Your experience sounds so similiar to mine --- it's great to hear that it is working for you. Even if you experience some more breakouts along the way, just do it religiously and teh results should stay.
  6. Yes, AHA is supposed to bring stuff to the surface. I just hate that process because sometimes it is never-ending. However, things are looking good for me right now. It's been a week so far and I like what I see. The bumpies and irritation (and it still burns the first 5 min!) are still there to a degree, but it has really calmed down. My most intense red marks have done a turn around. And my skin just looks and feels better! I can only think that an exfoliant like AHA is good w/ the re
  7. I actually just added Alpha Hydrox 10% enhanced creme into my routine. If you do a search, you can see my posts. It's been a week so far and I really like it. It brought out some bumpies and irritation at first (and it does burn!), but all that has really calmed down. Today, my skin looks good and my most intense red marks have done a turn around. Not sure if it really prevents breakouts all that much, but I find it a good addition to the regimen. Acne is caused by oil + bacteria + dead sk
  8. My daily update...things are better today. None of the bumps have turned into full fledged pimples. The redness is much less, and although my skin is still a little irriated it seems to be evening out. Very smooth. I think right now the creme it is bringing a lot of stuff to the surface, but at some point that should stop. I'm definitely going to give the Alpha Hydrox 10% creme another week or two at which point I will expect some clearing of these bumpies/irritation.
  9. Ok---I'm a little concerned about the 10%creme. Woke up today w/ clear glowing skin BUT after I washed my face, I definitely noticed a few more of those little bumpies/irritation. Plus, I had a lot more flaky skin. It appears that the creme is really starting to exfoliate the top layer of skin. It's weird though because while I can tell I'm breaking out more due to the creme, there are other parts of my face that are just glowing and clear. And the breakouts from the creme are not turning
  10. Drugstore.com I am using Alpha Hydrox 10% Creme, but the lotion is very similiar. All are oil-free, fragrance free, etc.
  11. So far so good w/ the Alpha Hydrox-day 4. Two pimples have surfaced, yet they are very flat and in spots where I've always had a little bump. They are near my hairline too, so not really a bother. A dark red mark that I have had FOREVER peeled off considerably today, which was very exciting! I'm a dork, I know... My skin is considerably dryer now that I've been using the Alpha Hydrox. I was actually a little flaky this morning around my mouth. But I was getting very oily on the regimen
  12. You need to switch moisturizers! You should not be feeling greasy if you rub in the BP and use a good moisturizer 10-15 min later. Try one of the neutrogena ones or the clean & clear. But you did say the regimen was working awesome, so congrats! Greasy is better than acne.
  13. Yes, makeupalley.com is a great source. I have actually used the Kiss My Face Alpha and Aloe Moisturizer for years now. I LOVE it! But I use the fragrance free version b/c I hate fragrance on my face. It's great for body too---gets rid of ingrown hairs and dry skin. I have been using it w/ the regimen for a while now. However, I recently decided I wanted more than 5% AHA at night so I am using Alpha Hydrox 10%. The KMF lotion is a great AHA starter though. Very economical, hygenic pump
  14. Glad to hear the lotion is working for you. How do you like the Clean & Clear Morning Glow? I saw that stuff the other day and it looked very tempting. I only use the Alpha Hydrox Creme at night, and I do not use a moisturizer afterwards. PM: Just cleanse, BP, Alpha Hydrox. In the morning however, I do not use the Alpha Hydrox. AM: Cleanse, BP, Moirsturizer. I am looking for a new AM moisturzer though because I want something w/ SPF.
  15. I just wanted to say that I have used Alpha Hydrox 10% Enhanced Creme for 3 nights now after my PM BP application. It stings for about 10 minutes. I am definitely red the next morning, however my skin appears brighter and incredibly smooth. I have a few little bumps that seem to be an initial breakkout, but it's nothing major yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! It may just be my optimism, but my skin looks clearer, pores look clean and no big pimples so maybe this will work for me as a nic