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  1. Hi, I remember when I went to China a couple of years back, I came back with no acne to speak of. I was only gone for two weeks but I suspected it must have been something I ate or maybe the environment that made my skin so much better. Of course I was dying for American food, so I inhaled tons of lasagna (I know, I know it's Italian ) and I broke out like crazy. I voiced my concern about diet maybe being a factor, but most of the derms I visited since then either denies the connection or j
  2. LOL, I think I just posted the exact same conclusion as you. We should combine our post
  3. Heya, I took 3 sessions of Accutane and it hasn't stopped my acne one bit. Although my face isn't as bad as before, Accutane clearly has not solved the problem. I don't know what the exact numbers are, but basically everytime you go on a session, the % chance of you actually getting "cured" is reduced. So if you go on it a 3rd time, you probably won't be rid of it - not saying you won't, but your chances will be greatly reduced. I just posted a mini rant right before you saying how my
  4. So I am 27 and have been suffering ance since I was 12. I tried everything ranging from creams, antibiotics, and took 3 sessions of accutane in the span of 6 years. My latest new derm suggested that I take ... *drum roll* Accutane - AGAIN. Yeah, you heard me, take 4 sessions of Accutane. I'm not even sure that is legal in most states That dermatologist suggested twice already for me to go on Accutane again - I'm not a skin specialist, but logic has it that doing something 4 TIMES won't sol
  5. So I have been doing DKR for the past year and a half and have had OK success. I just recently got into the whole green tea craze and even read articles saying it is affective as 4% BP. BP is great and all, but even after a year and a half, my face's color is still like a prune Anyways, drinking tea won't be a problem for me, but I am thinking of adding green tea as a toner in additiong to DKR. My question is, should I swab the green tea on my face before I apply the BP, after the BP, or j
  6. Ok guys, so I noticed something really weird. I just came back from a trip from China that lasted two weeks. During that time my skin stayed relatively clear using DKR almost twice a day. However, when I got back home, I scarfed down literally 7 slices of lasagna because I was totally missing Italian food. In less than 3 days, my face started to break out . As I type, I have literally 8 pastules on my right face and one huge cyst on my left cheek. My question is, is my current outbreak
  7. I just want to chime in this post as well. I would def. recommend doing bp twice a day if it isn't cutting it with only once. For past experience, I would break out a lot more if I did once compared to two. Good luck!
  8. Hey all, I need some quick advice. I have been using DKR pretty religiously for the past 5 months, and haven't really had major problems. However, these past couple of days, I got a huge pimple on my right cheek. I left it alone and continued to apply BP on it hoping it will dry up and go away. But today, I woke up and it is just swollen up and a huge black spot formed on the layer (I am assuming its dry blood?). Also, I can see a nice white round puss next to it. This is pretty crazy, s
  9. 4 months here. i get a few breakout here and there - i guess it depends on the individual
  10. Hey all, I'm 24 here and went through 3 sessions of accutane and still had breakouts. I have been on DKR since June and it has worked wonders. I'm still unsure why it has worked so well, but I'm not complaning
  11. Your acne seems mild and DKR should fix that up pretty good. Just be patient with it! Good luck!
  12. Honestly you are 15 and this is just a crush. And the fact she isn't paying attention to you either means she is playing hard to get or she just doesn't really like you. Girls her age are just like that. To get your mind off her, like others suggested, just keep yourslef occupied. Meet new friends, go watch a game with your buds, or meet other girls. If you get obsessed with this and constantly think about it too much, it can be really unhealthy...
  13. hey lu, thanks for the kind words. yeah, going on DKR is like a roller coaster. when you think it's over new pimples start popping up. i think with your breakout maybe you should switch back to two times a day. i'm in the process of doing once, but if i see a breakout occur, i'll switch back to two asap. can't let those buggers multiply keep those pic coming!! anyways, good luck!!!